Has Brooklyn changed a lot in the last two decades?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Lots of vacant lots in the 1990s lol

    Today there's not as much. I remember when Downtown Brooklyn, Myrtle Avenue had a lot of vacant lots. It makes me laugh to be honest. Oh how things freaking change over the course of 20 years lol. In 1994 most of Downtown Brooklyn and certain parts of Bushwick were undeveloped.

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Craighawley215 says2014-07-08T19:04:45.337
Thanks for deleting that Opinion page about people changing the topic AdamKG. I see your game: you hate changing topics, so you just delete them altogether...
Adam2 says2014-07-08T19:59:34.790
So you were like deleting people's posts huh?
Adam2 says2014-07-08T19:59:42.710
So you like deleting people's posts huh?
Craighawley215 says2014-07-08T21:26:50.767
Oh, my bad, I meant to say Adam2. Unless you're the same person? But I was merely pointing out that I find it funny when you delete your own Opinion pages.
Adam2 says2014-07-09T19:01:04.663
I didn't delete it. Someone reported it. Some cheap POS.
Craighawley215 says2014-07-09T21:38:56.280
Ha don't look at me. I don't take you quite that seriously.
Adam2 says2014-07-12T02:48:54.420
Neither do I to you. Maybe you're some redneck, how you like that?
Adam2 says2014-07-12T02:51:12.870
Or perhaps it's all that British imperialist blood in ya that makes me think all you spew is propaganda. Lol