Has BuzzFeed become a symbol of both the good and the bad of the Internet?

  • Yes, BuzzFeed has become a symbol of both the good and the bad of the Internet.

    Buzzfeed is a strange mix of humorous content and serious news. They will feature an article about 50 things only people with cats understand right next to an article about Russia and Ukraine. By juxtaposing these two genres together it is belittling the legitimacy of the serious issues. The site is good in that it does provide a lot of information, however the content is very schizophrenic.

  • BuzzFeed is a symbol for the ills of the internet.

    BuzzFeed and similar sites are indicative of a society that needs to be constantly entertained and distracted from the woes of this world. The 21st century individual is constantly "plugged-in." However, it is not to become a more intelligent or advanced being, it is to glean "Which Faerie Princess Pony Are You?"

  • yes- presents headlines in a catchy manner

    it presents todays news in a tabloid fashion . It can be hard to determine if it is true or false. it can be hard to separate the sensationalism from the real story. However, it is presented in an interesting fashion. This is done to keep younger people interested in news.

  • They are not

    Buzzfeed has taken many steps to clean up their image. They have fired people, taken down articles with shaky resources, and are putting in quite a bit of effort to ensure they have quality material up. If they were the bad of the internet, I don't think they would make all these changes in an effort to change their image.

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