Has Cameron's 'Big Society' house referendum plan gone too far?

  • Where did all the freedom go?

    Yes, I believe that Cameron's Big Society house referendum plan has definitely gone too far. It is attempting to micro-manage the different aspects of individuals lives. Not to mention the changes have not shown any results. When extreme measures are taken, but results are seen, most do not mind being micro-managed.

  • Yes, there is not enough freedom left.

    Yes, Cameron's Big Society house referendum plan has gone too far, because he is trying too hard to manage every aspect of people's lives. Cameron needs to remember that he is only one politician among many. Not everyone in Britain wants things the way that he does. He cannot micromanage the entire country.

  • "BIg Society" Has Gone Too Far

    While Cameron's 'Big Society' has a noble goal, the referendum hasn't actually accomplished much. It has gone too far without actually producing results. Critics of the policy were right to question its validity and purpose in England's political affairs. With that in mind, a new plan needs to be crafted.

  • Too Much Bureaucracy in British Government

    There is already too much bureaucracy in Europe and in the British government, so David Cameron's idea to bring more power to the people is a bit much. The idea is good, he's just going about it the wrong way. Parliamentary and local elections are already good enough as they are.

  • More Power to the People

    David Cameron's referendum plan is a good idea on paper with more power going to the people. However, British politics is already muddled enough. Too many laws get bogged down in parliamentary procedures and antics by minority voices in government. Local referendums are a good idea, it's just that Britain has other things to worry about right now such as the economy and immigration.

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