• In terms of investment, China has surpassed the US

    Truthfully, neither the US nor China has a great track record for being green, or for producing or using green technology. China is also one of, if not the world's biggest polluters. However, in 2012, China attracted 24% of the world's green energy investment dollars, as compared to 13% by the United States. Assuming China is able to convert those invested dollars into green technology, it has definitely surpassed the US.

  • It is not cost-effective.

    No, China has not surpassed the U.S. in green technology, because everything that each country is doing in terms of green technology is only smoke and mirrors. So far, neither country has been able to produce green technology that is particularly efficient, with the exception of some solar panels for small scale use.

  • No, China has failed to surpass the U.S. in green technology.

    China has a very serious pollution problem within the boundaries of it's cities. China has invested a great deal of manpower in many areas of technology but the failure of China to adequately control the pollution which is visibly evident belies the fact that there is the use of green technology. The lack of use of green technology indicates that China has not surpassed the U.S.

  • I Don't Think So

    I do not believe China has surpassed the US in green technology. All countries are taking a slow approach to green technology because it cuts out the big money in finite resources. I think green technology is at a stand still because of the oil companies and natural gas companies.

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