Has Christianity had a positive (yes) or negative (no) effect on the world?

Asked by: babynez98
  • I think it's been a positive effect on this world.

    It helps you know what youre living for and where you will end up in life. You know where you will be after you die. Christianity also helps to bring people together and its the best!
    Can someone tell me some more reasons? And ALSO why Christianity can be negative?

  • Positive, because it gave hope

    Although it is true that it caused the crusades, it was the fault of the greedy people and pope, who claimed to love god. However, Christianity gave hope to the outcasts of other religion, the poor, the dishonored, and currently, the hope of the poor using fundraisers. Although it may have had negative impact in the past, it also has positive impacts as well.

  • It gave rise to science

    It has a monumentally significant positive effect on the world. Just think about it. They built schools, hospitals, universities all around the world. They send relief all over the world. In a Christian world view you MUST love your neighbor and enemy as you love yourself. Also, modern science is the legacy of Christianity

  • Definitely a positive influence

    Christianity has greatly contributed to our civilization. Christians started the best universities in this country. Christians built hospitals to treat the sick. Christians have been active about fighting hunger in third world countries. Christians have responded to natural disasters all across the world, helping the victims anyway they can. The message of Christianity is self-sacrifice and doing good whenever possible.

  • Look this up:

    I deeply appreciate the effects Christianity is having on the world. Needless to say, I am not Christian, and I hate the world, therefore I find the hypocrisy an expedient means of worldly obliteration. Keep up the good work, i'll see you all nowhere once we all return to the inevitable state that all bodies return to in this fallen universe.

  • Every religion has positive effect in the world.

    I am a Muslim and i grow up in a muslim country called Turkey(i am 15, my thoughts may not be mature enough for some people). We had religious studies in primary school to teach us about our religion. I luckily i grow up in a country that Islam is not overrated and have a open minded family that never forced me to believe in what we learn in religions class. I read books about different religions, sang hymns in churches, meditated with buddhists and learned about more than 7 religions to see the rights and wrongs of every religion. To tell you the truth Christianity was not a flawless religion as Islam or buddhism or hinduism. They all have some flaws at some point. However they also complete each other. The main purpose of the religions is to lead us to the "RIGHT WAY". In Christianity the guide is Jesus, in islam it is Muhammad. etc. We spend most of our times judging other religions flaws that we cannot see the wrongs in out beliefs. Does it really matter if you believe in Muhammad or Jesus as long as you try to be the best you can, help people and try to do the right thing, You should understand that there is no right or wrong in belief. The key thing is respect.

  • Look At The Social Out put Of Christianity

    It is through social relations that Christianity comes in contact with the world. Every man or woman who has received the divine illumination is to shed the light on the dark pathway of those who are unbelievers and those who are unacquainted with the better way.

    Posted by: bornagain Christian

  • Very very positive

    Only liars and confused people will deny the truth about Jesus and Christianity. Age and time has proven the truth beyond all doubts. Empires have come and gone; so too great kingdoms with power and might. With no soldiers but the word...Truth...Christianity has endured to this day. Here lies the solution to all world's problems...CHRISTIANITY

  • A summary from

    These are salient themes of the Christian message:

    1) Everybody matters. In the ancient world in general, the attitude seemed to be that a few people mattered a lot and others were pretty much insignificant and disposable. Christianity, on the other hand, has always emphasized that everyone matters—a lot. All are children of God. Everyone has an immortal soul and an eternal destiny.

    2. Nothing is worth the sacrifice of your personal integrity. “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” (Mark 8:36) Precisely. Power, status, wealth, fame, sex, and all worldly goods are worthless, indeed deleterious, if they require the sacrifice of your character.

    3. Money madness is dangerous. “And again I say unto you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.” (Mark 19:24)

    4. “Good” people are often the most odious. “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye devour widows’ houses, and for a pretense make long prayer. Therefore, ye shall receive the greater damnation.” (Matthew, 23:14)The scribes and the Pharisees were the “good” people of Jesus’ day.

    5. There are higher obligations than human law. Civil disobedience has Christian roots. While Christian teachers have always urged a respect for the law and the civil authorities, there has all along been a tradition of refusal to recognize the authority of human law when it was thought to be in opposition to God’s law.

    6. Retribution is an essential aspect of justice. The doctrine of an eternal punitive hell is the vilest, sickest, most misshapen offspring of the human imagination. It gets one thing right, however: Truly rotten people deserve punishment, even if that punishment does not improve them or serve any further good such as deterrence. For such persons, the punishment is good per se. C.S. Lewis in his chapter on hell in The Problem of Pain asks us to imagine a man who has grown powerful and rich by living a life of deceit, treachery, and cruelty. He dies fat, sassy, and unrepentant, laughing at his victims and gloating over their suffering. Can we be satisfied if that is the end of the story?

    7. Redemption is possible. Two of the iconic figures we hear about every Christmas, Scrooge and the Grinch, won their iconic status by being redeemed. Consider Scrooge, a miserable wretch of a miser devoid of compassion and so bitter that he dismissed the joy of others as humbug. Yet Dickens, in his genius, allows us to see the causes of Scrooge’s misery and the means of a cure. Scrooge is cured by being forced to confront his past, present, and future and to see himself through the eyes of others and to see the real consequences of his actions. Of course, A Christmas Carol is fiction, but redemption occurs in real life as well.

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  • Christianity is a lie

    Jesus (as) was never crucified, God created an impostor to be crucified in his place, I believe that impostor was Judas, after he betrayed Jesus (as) they switched bodies (or something like that or Judas was made to resemble Jesus (as) then Judas was crucified while Jesus (as) was taken to heaven alive, Jesus (as) will return one day to kill the antichrist, and that will be near the day of judgement

    Also Jesus (as) was neither God nor the Son of God

    Jesus (as) prayed to God, how could he be God if he prayed to God and treated Him as a different entity, why would he pray to himself if he was God, why would he need to?

    Also Jesus (as) couldn't be the Son of God because God has no chromosomes He can't have a son, son of god is a metaphor, Adam (as) was the son of God, Noah (as) was the son of God, there were many other sons of God, and Jesus was metaphorically a child of God not literally

    Jesus (as) was instead one of the mightiest of God's Prophets.

    And Muhammad (saw) was an even greater Prophet because he was the most humble and loving and kind Alhumdulillah

    Muhammad (saw) was the greatest prophet ever also

    Christianity is shirk/idolatry

    Christians worship a man instead of God, they need to repent and become Muslim

    Islam is the true religion so become a good Muslim today inshallah

  • By a mile, no...

    Pointing to history, many many Christian faith groups have tortured, killed, slaughtered etc... Non-faith groups. History if so awash with it that people are debating whether people like Galileo were actually Christian or whether they were just pretending to be so the Church didn't kill them.

    Even in England, where religion now is more like a cultural booster than an actual faith, our history is bloody, (relatively) recently there were the "problems" between Catholics and Protestants. Or the Northern Northern Ireland "troubles".

    Would you support a genocidal, mass murderer if he helped out OAPs and brought communities together? I wouldn't. In many regards, Christianity has been like Two-Face from Batman (oh, glorious Batman); evil and kind. But, looking through history. Christianity has had a very negative outlook.

    Presently? It's rather settled down now, with the exception of anti-intellectuals like Kent Hovind that declare themselves doctors and brain wash audiences.

  • Christians think that their way is the only way.

    This has led to bloodshed, wars, because they can't accept or respect other cultures properly. Same goes for all religions who think that their path is the only path to eternal salvation. (If there's a such thing.) They can't open their minds to other ways of doing things, because their minds are limited. I believe the safest place of mind is that there is no "right" and "wrong". That way, you can keep your mind open and see people's motives behind the things that they do. Christians can't adapt, they can't learn from other people because of the rigidness of their souls. In that way, Christianity will soon die and will be replaced by a new religion, I'm thinking maybe Buddhism. (Well, that might be a bit too optimistic.)

  • Violent, intolerant, and hateful.

    Christianity has supported far more violence over the years than charity, which is very recent for that religion. It espouses discrimination, hatred, genocide, sexism, racism, and intolerance. It has caused more war and strife in the world than it could ever make up for.
    Even its central theme is anti-human and unethical: that every person deserves an eternal punishment just for the crime of being human, and can only get out of this punishment if they worship just the "right" god (not, you know, if they're actually a decent human being), who apparently had to sacrifice himself to himself to get around his own rules in order to lend this forgiveness. And all of this laid on every human because their alleged ancestors, a dirt man and a rib woman, ate a magic fruit given to them by a talking snake.

  • Totally Unnecessary - A Waste of Time and Money

    People shouldn't need a religion to tell them what is right and wrong. Instead of all the TIME invested in religion (in mass or in religion class in Catholic schools) we could just be teaching our kids about ethics and morality, which are the only valuable things Christianity has to teach anyways. And instead of all the MONEY invested in preserving churches or funding work abroad to try to convert people to Christianity we could be spending those millions of dollars to solve real world problems.

  • Christianity has a negative effect

    Nobody really follows Christianity completely. They are mislead to thinking they can do what ever they want and then be forgived for it if they just say a simple prayer. That is why I believe that Christianity has a worse effect on the world. I am not saying that it is a bad religion though.

  • Just cause it has


  • Morals over belief

    Everything's a lie
    God doesn't let gay people in heaven
    God lets killer in
    Anybody who prays him
    Can disobey him
    But who doesn't gets sent down to hell
    This is a away to keep good people good
    It's like Santa Claus
    It's a sham believe me or not I don't care

  • The Dogma of Christianity prohibits a person from rationally discussing it from an objective point of view.

    Ancient civilizations had art, music, commerce, science & phosophy. Educated people have knowledge of many major religions & openly discuss them to gain further perspective. Churches don't teach other religions & due to the effects of Christianity today it is taboo to even bring up religion in the workplace because we have removed the ability to discuss it "objectively" without arguing right or wrong.

  • The Dogma of Christianity prohibits a person from rationally discussing it from an objective point of view.

    Ancient civilizations had art, music, commerce, science & phosophy. Educated people have knowledge of many major religions & openly discuss them to gain further perspective. Churches don't teach other religions & due to the effects of Christianity today it is taboo to even bring up religion in the workplace because we have removed the ability to discuss it "objectively" without arguing right or wrong.

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This question can be better worded. It can be changed to "Mostly positive" or "mostly negative", because its not like anything is black or white when we are talking about opinions.