• Clinton in the Whitehouse - The Sequel

    As much as Bernie supporters are going to "feel the burn" for this one, Clinton seems to the democrat candidate headed toward the Whitehouse. The Republican party is falling apart at the seems. Many republicans seem to be able to digest the idea of another Clinton more easily than Drumph, excuse me, Trump. And while many republicans are overt about the fact that Trump is pure craziness with bad hair, many argue that Bernie is crazy too. His ideals of funding higher education don't resonate with their ideas of economic sense.

    Angry, middle-aged women love Hillary, and while the Republicans don't, she seems to be more in touch with reality than the other two.

  • Yes, Hillary Clinton has secured the Democratic presidential nomination.

    Yes, Hillary Clinton has really secured the Democratic presidential nomination because Clinton has acquired the 2,383 delegates needed to beat Bernie Sanders. In addition, with large states such as New Jersey, California and New Mexico voting in the June 7th Democratic primaries, Clinton will add more delegates to her lead.

  • Hilary Clinton has locked up enough delegate votes to secure the nomination.

    Hilary Clinton has won the required number of delegate votes to secure her nomination as the Democratic candidate for President. Unlike her rival in the Republican Party, Hilary Clinton will have less to fear from 'maverick' delegates who may seek to overthrow her nomination by voting for another candidate. The Democratic delegates will unite behind her during the convention to keep the Party unified, and present a unified front going forward.

  • Clinton has recently secured the Democratic nomination

    It is official. Clinton has secured the Democratic nomination. Clinton reached the threshold of 2, 383 on Monday. She is the first woman in America to become nominee. She has overcome obstacles such as the email scandal, and arguments with her opponent, Bernie Sanders. Clinton's victory means that Clinton has a chance at the Presidency. Her toughest opponent will be Donald Trump - he secured the Republican nomination about a month ago.

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