• The Cola Wars are over and Coke has won

    Coke not only dominates the soft drink market, but it also dominates the sports drink market. Pepsi is seemingly only in restaurants that are owned by Pepisco. Coke is everywhere and Pepsi runs a distant second. it probably helps that Coke is so closely tied with McDonalds and it definitely helps that Coke jumped in with Gatorade early.

  • It seems to have won.

    The war between Pepsi and Coca-Cola has raged for a long time, but it seems to finally have been decided. The majority of people prefer Coke, and are disappointed when it is not an option. Dr. Pepper even seems to have beat out Pepsi, often the second choice when Coke is not available to them.

  • There is no winner in the cola wars

    Coke has not officially won the cola war against Pepsi. There will always be some people who prefer Coke, some who prefer Pepsi, and some who have no preference. Although Coke might make more sales or be more financially successful, Pepsi is a force to be reckoned with and will be around for many many years.

  • No. Coke wars will continue on as long as Coke and Pepsi are in existence.

    Coke and Pepsi will continue to battle it out as long as they both are in business. It has always been a back and forth issue. One day Coke is on top, the next it's Pepsi. They will each continue to tweak their recipe here and there, modify their look a little, or start a new contest. But the simple fact of the matter is, some people like Coke (and always will) and others prefer Pepsi (and always will).

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