• College basketball is not as entertaining as it once was.

    Basketball is not as entertaining to watch as it used to be. Unfortunately, it's not just basketball anymore, but rather all sports. There is too much politics in the games and now it seems like there needn't be any real talent anymore. Even just ten years ago, the sports were more entertaining than they are today.

  • No, college basketball is still crazy.

    The thing that makes March Madness so much fun is the ability for the little teams to beat the big teams. Just 3 years ago we had Butler advance to the NCAA Finals against big bad Duke. That is March Madness right there. No one expected the little team from Indiana to go that far, and yet, they were competing in the grandest event. I expect no less this year.

  • Maybe very slightly

    We all know that #16 seeds are dead in the water, but beyond that, despite the number of major upsets in the tournament being low the past few years, the chance for them is always still right there. People such as myself will still tune in, it's heaven for hardcore gamblers and still a lot of fun for people like me that do a bracket for nothing other than bragging rights.

  • No It Hasn't

    The quality of play is down in college basketball but it has not lost its madness. There is more parity now, so anyone can when the games these days. There have been a lot of close games and upsets this year and I expect that to continue throughout the month of March.

  • No way in heck

    College basketball has not ever been close to losing its craziness. Via March Madness i mean who expected FGCU to make it to the sweet 16 then the elite 8? No one debating here had them past the first round matbe the first but all the way to the elite8? Thats madness i had never even heard of them in my life. Then this year Jabari Parker and Duke aree out of the top15 for the first time in 10 years. Kansas is now where to be found. Ohio State and Aaron Craft just almost lost to Notre Dame, now thats crazy and lots of madness and its not even Feburary yet let alone March!

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