• Yes, College education is a luxury

    As a senior engineer, I have seen that education, especially engineering, is a needless expense of time and resources. Unless you become a RnD specialist the courses offered will not benefit you. Yes, the actual piece of paper helps you get a job, but anyone who spends the same effort, time and resources under a mentor on ANY practical job would gain more "relevant" experience. Around 10% of the graduates actually go to RnD and the rest to various positions, mostly as mid-tier supervisors. Even our professors accept this: Our job as engineer profs. Are not to teach you the material but to get you ready for hardships in the future

  • You cannot go to college without money

    All that is needed in college education needs money. Food allowance, transportation, projects, class requirements and everything there is to mention. If you don't have enough money then you cannot go to college even if you are a scholar. I must say college has really become an overpriced luxury instead of a necessity.

  • We need price controls.

    College education has become overpriced, yes, but I would hardly call it a luxury. For some reason, more employers than ever these days want us to prove ourselves worthy of their patronage by putting ourselves into crippling debt through student loans first -- you can't get a decent job with a degree any longer.

  • College Is A Luxury

    I tried to go to college when I was 26. I had saved up $20,000 and also qualified for Pell Grants. I attended school for 4 years, sometimes only part time, and ended up $30,000 in debt with no degree obtained yet. I did not attempt to go to a pricey college, but I still had to pay for my expenses, which was hard since some semester I didn't even have time to work. College is a luxury and those who attempt it without the finances get burned.

  • Yes without a doubt

    A major issue in our education system is the price of college. Too many people who are smart and motivated are not able to go to college because the price is too high. This should not be allowed. Anyone who is willing and able to go to college should go to college.

  • Yes, it is not worth the cost.

    Yes, college education has become an overpriced luxury, because the cost often outweighs the value. Anymore, people with college degrees do not get a return on their investment. Because those paying can only get loans, they do not seem to care about the cost. A degree is no longer a guarantee of a job, it is a license to look for a job.

  • I personally believe that college education has become an overpriced luxury for the vast majority of Americans.

    I personally believe that college education has become an
    overpriced luxury for the vast majority of Americans. Have you seen the cost of a good college
    education nowadays? Did you know that a
    lot of other countries provide a free college education for their citizens? Could you imagine how much progress America
    could make if all of its citizens had college educations?

  • It Helps the economy!

    It just does! Making MLGness in education is gr8! Get u education m80s and spend all that $$$ u got!!!!! College wi11 make u l1fe mor mlg!! And if u don't get a education, then u r nubs!! Education g1ves you the mlg successes in n0sc0ping u m80s. Spend it all skrubs!!

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