• Yes, People Engage with Their Devices, Not Their Companions

    Courting couples sit at restaurant tables ignoring one another while they
    text. Kids ignore their grandmother, while they play noisy games on their
    phones. Everywhere, work interferes with social and family time, because it is
    so easy to reach a worker on his or her time off. Modern devices are more
    disruptive than television, because people used to watch a television program
    together. Now, each person engages with an individual amusement on a
    personal-sized screen, and might as well be alone.

  • Communication has distanced us.

    With the advent of the computer age, it is easier than ever to communicate. Nevertheless, ubiquitous forms of communication have made communication itself less personal. People often have hundreds of Facebook friends, but these connections are superficial. It is hard to send a cordial message via email. Today, personal hand-written letters are uncommon.

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