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  • Congress has not really done anything about it

    The NSA is a government agency that typically carries out their activities in secret. Because of this it is very difficult for congress or anyone else to actually take action against any injustices committed by the NSA. They have not passed any strict laws that restrict the kind of data that the NSA can collect.

  • No, the NSA is going rogue.

    Not that most of us in the United States expect that Congress would or could do a better job than the NSA, but it would be good if it could be doing a better job overseeing it and reporting back to the American people in an honest and timely manner.

  • They have turned a blind eye under the guise of national security

    Congress could stop the unconstitutional tactics of the NSA today, if they wanted to. Apparently, they believe that it has done more good than harm for national security. The NSA and other departments have grown in power over the course of the last 5 decades. The cold war was what got it all started, and now that it's over they're working harder than ever to collect every piece of information in existence. Congress should do something about it, or we should do something about Congress.

  • NSA Needs To Be Shut Down

    I do not believe the congress has done enough to oversee the NSA. I believe people need to be further educated about the NSA and what the implications are of having such an agency and what their data collection means to American citizens. I believe congress should do this, since it's been hidden all this time, and then come to realize that this is a program that the American people did not ask for and do not want. I believe the NSA should be shut down.

  • NSA Out of Control

    Unfortunately, Congress hasn't done enough to oversee the NSA. In fact, the government has allowed the National Security Agency to overrun its boundaries and illegally spy upon the American people. More needs to be done to curb these actions and make the agency accountable for its erosion of basic American rights.

  • NSA is Rogue Agency

    Congress hasn't done enough to oversee the NSA because it seems to be a rogue agency. Even though a judge recently ruled the NSA's spying is legal, the NSA's powers still should be reined in. Civil liberties are being squashed underfoot and Congress must do something about it now before there are lawsuits challenging the validity of the law.

  • The NSA is operating out of control

    The NSA, as has been established by all of the recent leaks of their abuses, is running wild and rampant. Not only is what they are doing potentially unethical... they are doing it without any form of checks or balance. Congress seems content to sit on their thumbs and deflect any queries to actually tame them.

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