Has constant electronic communication led to Social Decline in America?

Asked by: John_Ostroff
  • Old School Rules

    The New School technology has to be stopped right now. Join me and let's get everything Old School back in our community and let social communicating become more available and more prominent than ever. Let's throw away our ipads, iphones, electronic tablets and focus on what matters most of all.

  • For many reasons, yes.

    1. It's harder to talk to someone when they burrow into their phone for social interaction. It feels weird to be an outlier from text communication in the modern era, as many younger Americans choose to text or communicate electronically with their peers instead of focus on eye-to-eye communication outside of special events.

    2. It has created a more anti-social society, where you don't have to put the effort into talking to somebody new since the people you know are only a text message away.

    3. It isn't rare for people to inconvenience others or limit their attention to their surroundings when they are texting as they walk. This lack of perception and common sense has led to campaigns against the act of texting while driving, and live threatening injuries still occur when people pay no attention to where they're going while they engage in electronic communication.

  • It doesn't represent a particular revolution in society.

    While we all fear that people are only communicating via text message, e-mail, facebook, etc., true communication implies the capacity to evaluate the other person's reactions through their tone of voice and stance. For this reason, it is still often preferable and prefered by most to communicate face-to-face. In the case that this is impossible, technological innovations such as Skype allow us to have the same social cues as a face-to-face conversation. In this sense, technology may very well have enabled better communication, which is, essentially, it's underlying goal.

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