Has corporate media consolidation corrupted our news?

  • Yes it has.

    Media consolidation has corrupted the news because this means less news to actually be able to choose from. With less news to choose from, journalists have lost the ability to get jobs, which means we cannot get the good, honest, hardworking ones in and keep the greedy, money-wanting ones out.

  • Yes corporate media consolidation has corrupted our news

    Yes, I think that corporate media consolidation and more larger news networks has corrupted our news and put a slant on it. I think that too many large news organizations exist today, and not enough people are able to get a variety in their news offerings, and these need to be diminished.

  • Yes, it has.

    Corporate media consolidation has seemed to begin a corruption in our news. Even before that, a person had to be careful who they got the news from, as people like to add details and describe events in more graphic ways than they had happened. Now it is getting worse, and less journalists mean less news media to choose from.

  • Corporate Media Consolidation

    Yes I think that corporate consolidation has corrupted our media. The consolidation has led to loss in jounalism jobs hence fewer opinions going out in the world based on what is reported on. It seems that with this consolidation media has become to center more on crimes and scandals than really focusing on other remarkable things to report such as business openings or something else. With the impact of corporate media consolidation you have fewer local channels to choose from, the quality of reporting goes down with fewer reporters, inadequate emergency weather reports, and the ability to censor content to where people won't get the full aspect of what is being reported because of the censoring.

  • Corporate media consolidation means less media to choose from.

    Yes, with more consolidation with corporate media then you start losing the quality in which the news is being covered. With fewer jobs for journalists to go around to report you have less news that is being reported in a timely matter including adequate reporting of emergency weather reports that is dire for people that are dealing with emergency weather.

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