• Yes Old School Country Is The Best

    Back then country music was good. They sang and wrote songs that meant something, or told a story. Country music was back then amazing, and we have legends like Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson to prove it, But now lots of country singers are singing pointless songs that don't mean anything, I am not saying they are not good singers, just that most of their songs have no meaning.

  • Yes it has.

    Country music was preformed by people who had been slapped around by life, and their songs reflected that. Now, we are dealing with people who fake a lot of it and focus on dancing and trying to pawn off the idea that adding a twang to what normally would be rock music makes it country. Why can't we have people like Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson making country music? I don't promote the intense smoking they sing about, but I do promote the good old bass that was way bigger than the player.

  • Really Not Changing

    The time when country music started to get more into a rock feel was more around the early 2000's. That is all influenced by Society and today's culture. Artist like Luke Bryan and Tim Magraw will sing a lot about there life styles, Jake Owen and Brantley Gilbert will sing a lot about women and Darius Rucker will Sing from the soul. Yes we all wish we had Jonny Cash, and Willie Nelson Back but all music went through a change and it might just be Countrys turn now

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