Has cruising in the fast track made us moral pygmies?

Asked by: Neelabh
  • Too fast to care

    There's really this sense of competition and success in America that drives people to do more and be better. However it pales in comparison to the drive to obtain things that we want. But the issue is that people then lose the capability to care about order, law, and even each other. I've seen it many times people out of greed trying to get rid of others just so they can get more money, even when there are ways they can make money more easily without hurting others. But in my opinion America in its desire for success has also become very lazy and that's what fuels peoples motivation to walk over each other and take more than they deserve. Really it's kind of scary there are laws and rules just about everywhere you go, even standards that remain unspoken until they need action taken But none of it means anything. People just do as they feel because they think they deserve more than they really do, there are people in other countries with much less freedom than the youth of America get, but the youth of America still wants more and more. I fear that the wasteful spending and social groups will form nothing more than a disgusting lawless group think that removes law and order for the sake of obtaining what each individual wants, whether it be moral or not. More emphasis on the not though.

  • Yes it has.

    We have become a society that expects everything now. We frequent fast food locations because we can receive immediate gratification of food. We take weight loss pills because diet and exercise do not produce the desired results fast enough. When that does not work to our satisfaction we turn to surgery. All of these decisions have taught society that we deserve everything now and it does not matter how we go about obtaining what we want. This is a problem with the moral decline of America. People would rather steal what they want now instead of working for it.

  • US citizens need moral lessons.

    When compared to countries that act as one, with respect to morals and dignity, the United States has become a moral pygmy. Substantial evidence can be found in the comparison of how the United States and Japan handled their own respective natural disasters. After Katrina hit New Orleans, there were reports of robberies, looting, and other mayhem. After the tsunami devastated Japan, there were reports of 0 acts of robbery or looting; the Japanese people handled themselves with dignity as a unified "Japanese people".

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