• Yes it has!

    When I joined this site it was pretty good, but now it appears as being almost out dated and I don't like the layout (sorry :/) The whole atmosphere seems dull and boring (questions/resolutions aren't great), sorry to say but I may have to voice my opinions on reddit or twitter :( good try though.
    P.S. I'll still check back here for help with debate assignments at school!

  • What has happened?

    I joined debate.Org not too long ago to engage in meaningful and thought-provoking debates. I wanted my wit to be tested, gain insight into the world, agree to disagree as some people say. I must say, however, I am disappointed. This website is slow, and a few years ago it seemed quite popular. The questions are redundant. What ever happened to outdoing your opponent with wits and cleverness. On a lot of recent debates I see people just write their stance and don't come back. Engage me. Test my wits. I am a soldier ready for battle. I came here from a different website for a challenge, but I must say I am disappointed. Think I'm wrong? PROVE ME WRONG!

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