Has debating been more about being right than getting to the truth?

  • Yes, but they are similar things.

    Yes, debating is more about being right than getting to the truth, because the purpose of debating is to win the debate. But the truth is what wins, so usually the person who wins the debate is also the person who is right, unless they are a terrible debater. It's hard to argue your case when the facts are not on your side.

  • Yes, debating has been more about being right than getting the truth.

    The truth is all relative, and each person's truth is not necessarily what is right for their opposing debator. People have opinions, and they want to justify these opinions--most visible in debates. I don't see a good debate happening without people debating what they believe is right and proving that. That being said, in more objective cases, finding the truth is necessary, and being personally right does delay and damage the truth in some cases.

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