Has Disney passed its heyday as the world's greatest animation creator?

  • Disney is no longer what it was, but has no challengers

    Disney hasn't made a truly exceptional animated film in decades (assuming Pixar isn't included). However, Disney has long been so dominant of the animation market that no one has been able to step in and challenge them. DreamWorks tries, and has moderate success, but Disney is an unimpeachable cultural juggernaut, regardless of the quality of their movies.

  • They are still on top, but.....

    I won't say yes since I have my hopes for disney, but I think it's just the fact that disney is letting the commercialization get into them a bit too much. I won't say they've completely lost their charm, although if hope disney go off the deep end on that.

  • Disney is still an animation superstar

    Disney continues to be at the forefront of animation technology and artistry. It is a massive organization that launches new movie technology and promotes the development of pioneering animation artists. Since the early days of Mickey Mouse and Snow White, Disney has been the giant in the animation industry, and it continues to reign as the leader of the field.

  • They may have been around for a while but they're a tough act to beat.

    Since its time Disney has produced many memorable animations. Since its time there have been many other studios of different media that have produced memorable animation as well, but you can't deny the effort put into the quality of Disney's movies and animations. I mean just look at Monsters Inc, when you think about Sully just imagine how much time went into all the fur on his body having it react to his movements and collecting snow. Even before that, with 2D animation those movies are considered classics and part of the reasons that they're praised the way that they are is because of the animation quality. Imagine any of those films with lower animation quality, they would lose the magic that made you fall in love with them in the first place that Disney somehow manages to keep with them today.

  • Disney still number one

    I do not believe that Disney has passed its heyday as the world's greatest animator. It seems like with each movie they release, they are becoming more advanced and evolved. I think this will continue to happen and continue to surprise us. Not to mention, they can link theme rides with their movies!

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