Has Donald Trump ruined his campaign by recommending a complete shutdown on Muslim immigration?

  • Yes, he has.

    He has, and I believe that he does not care. I truly think that no person that is as highly educated as Donald Trump could possibly think that it would advance his campaign to say something as absolutely ridiculous as to literally stop all Muslims from entering the country, and all of his other remarks about that faith.

  • Yes, his extreme suggestion is likely to alienate many moderate voters.

    Immigration in general, and especially Muslin immigration, is undeniably a hot-button issue. However, Trump's zero-tolerance approach is unsettling to many Americans, including some of his supporters. Blatant xenophobia and racism draw comparisons to unsavory historical moments such as internment and concentration camps, and hate groups such as the Ku Klux Klan. A more moderate proposal from Trump that would aid refugees but enact enough safeguards to protect America would sit better with American voters.

  • He is Done

    Donald Trump has been a very controversial candidate from the very beginning. He says what he wants, when he wants it. This time, however, he has gone too far. His continued stereotyping has been a talking point, and this time there are too many people that see through his propaganda. His campaign is officially derailing.

  • No, Donald Trump has not ruined his campaign.

    In my opinion, though Donald Trump may have certainly made himself a considerable amount of enemies with his latest proposal regarding Muslim immigration, he still has a solid backing of supporters. I believe there are quite a few voting individuals who appreciate "the Donald's" candor and courage to speak out honestly.

  • Donald Trump is politically correct in his recommendation.

    Think of President FDR's interment of Japanese Americans during WW2? What about President Chester Arthur Chinese Exclusion Act? And what about the Immigration Act of 1924? Donald Trump has great idea, however his way of executing his ideas are brash. Donald Trump, with some help from political authoritativeness, would make this country what it needs to be. Besides, the American people can always vote him out of office if their not happy with his results.

  • No. I don't see what's wrong with this proposal.

    I don't see what's wrong with closing our borders to certain groups of people at all. Israel doesn't allow entry into the country from Syria and it makes perfect sense. Does that mean all Syrians are bad? No. But how do you identify terrorists from law abiding citizens? It's not like they wear t-shirts saying "I'm a Terrorist!". Not all muslims are terrorists, but almost all terrorists are muslim. If you don't ban all of them loopholes exist to exploit the system. They could easily smuggle terrorists into India and go from there to America, making the ban apply only to law abiding citizens. You might say they could just lie about their religion, but they won't. And do you know why? Because terroists fight for their religion, beliving they are dying as martyrs. You cannot be a martyr if you deny your religion, and to deny their religion takes away their reason for fighting. We did it with the Japanese during WWII, and we should do it again now.

  • Donald Trump's campaign not ruined.

    No, Donald Trump's campaign is not ruined by his recommendation of a complete shutdown on Muslim immigration. While many people disagree with his recommendation and are even angered by it, his supporters are still very much behind him. Most of his voter base includes people who agree with his extreme views as well as people who just like the idea of following someone who is willing to say anything.

  • He has not ruined his campaign.

    Donald Trump is the best candidate among the candidates. Donald Trump has some very good ideas that could bring our country back to the prosperous state where it belongs. Trump's comments were out of line, I agree. However; I believe that these ideas are not far off from what most Americans want for our country

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