Has Donald Trump sealed his fate by making his latest comments on Obama, Clinton and ISIS?

  • I HOPE SO!

    Even if you don't like Clinton, ( and I'm not the biggest fan). WE HAVE A TWO PARTY SYSTEM AND HE'S THE GOP CANDIDATE. She won the Dem nomination, and she's the one of the 2 folks who have a shot to be President. He has no experience, he has no plan and his campaign isn't exactly a well-oiled machine. Saying that President Obama and Hilary Clinton created ISIS is just plain nuts, and that's not even considering his remarks on immigrants, the 2nd Amendment, disabled reporters, crying babies etc. So, Trump making up a bunch of crap about ISIS and our current President should be enough for most rational folks not to elect him.

  • He built his coffin, but these were the nails

    Disparaging comments about women? Built the sides. His wife using the near-same speech as Michelle Obama? The base. Insulting the American soldier? The lid. These latest comments have placed three nails in the coffin. There is a very small crack where Trump could emerge and regain the victory, but he is nearly closed in.

  • Donald Trump has not sealed his fate with his most recent comments, because his supporters seem to approve of anything he says.

    Donald Trump's supporters do not seem bothered at all by Trump's controversial, hateful, and often untrue comments. Even if they do not agree with every single word he says, many of them share the same xenophobic, paranoid, and old-fashioned views that Trump espouses. They still attend his rallies and repeat his ideas on social media despite an implied assassination threat to Clinton and a false connection between Obama and ISIS. At this point, the media and much of the public is wonder what, if anything, Trump can say to give his supporters a negative opinion of him.

  • Donald Trump has not sealed his fate with his latest comments on Obama, Clinton, and ISIS.

    Donald Trump has not sealed his fate with his latest comments on Obama, Clinton, and ISIS because those are not out of line with his behavior. Those comments will not cause people to change their mind about him; at this point so close to the election, people who are still pro-Trump are likely to vote for him, and people who are against Trump felt that way long ago. His pattern of behavior rather than individual comments are what seals his fate.

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