• Far too much

    Ecofascism is a bit strong of a term, definitely, but the entire 'green' agenda has definitely made its way into the political debate, almost in every way to the detriment of the economy and, sometimes, the planet. Far fewer green items are actually economically beneficial, and people simply have their own agendas.

  • We're not quite that far gone

    We're not quite that far gone yet. There are many people that do believe things that are just absolutely horrifying to think about, but that is the extreme side of the environmentalists. If such a thing had worked its way into modern political agendas, we would probably be facing more things like China's one child rule and thinly veiled genocide all over the world.

  • There is no such thing as ecofacism.

    There is no such thing as ecofacism, which means that it's impossible for it to work its way into modern political agendas. Ecofacism is a term used by people (mostly teabaggers, what a shock) who simply do not want to respect environmental laws, despite the evidence provided that shows they're needed.

  • Sticking with tradition

    No, this idea has not worked into the modern political agenda. The government today functions the same as the original government did when this country was founded. We have not changed our ways of governing much over the history of this country, and I doubt ecofascism ever will be important.

  • No It Hasn't

    I do not believe ecofascism has worked its way into modern political agendas. From my understand, ecofascism seems to be missing a clarified definition and it seems to be a word circulating throughout the Internet without a real source or any explanation. Therefore, I doubt it is predominent among political agendas.

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