Has education become more about temporary results and grades than long-term success and knowledge?

  • Based on experience ..

    Grades are the reason students cheat,get stressed,get sleep deprived,think suicidal thoughts,become teacher's pets,and lots of other things.All about getting high scores at tests and then forgetting about it the next day because you've already finished the test.It's just unfair to keep ranking students because the other smart students will become more competitive(in a bad way) and the "no rank" students get the idea that they can't beat those high rankers and just be sufficed by passing tests using any means possible(mostly cheating) .. They judge you by those letters and numbers and that is seriously wrong.These days the government just wants people that can manipulate machines and how to use computers and sit on an office chair in an office desk.They dont value people with critical thinking anymore.

    P.S. If someone says i'm a dumbass,gladly know that i'm a valedictorian and competed in many competitions,regionals,divisions,and whatsoever ..

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  • In Every Way

    The whole concept behind the 'grade' and 'term' systems are to allow students to temporarily absorb information for a period of time (such as 3 months), then spit it out and release it to make room for more "pertinent information". This system was invented to allow for the United States to become more competetive internationally, but all it has done is skewed parent's perspectives and shifted focus towards instant gratification. The system also foils itself as teachers put in early 'late work deadline' dates, which push the term even more forward than it already is!

  • Schools only care about our grades for upcoming state testing.

    All throughout the school year I hear my teachers say, "This is important, it will be on the sate test." I never even use the stuff they teach me in my daily life, Occasionally I need to multiply or add something together; however I have never graphed an equation to help me find out something. Some teachers do try and apply what we learn to our daily lives, but mainly it's about getting a good report from the state departments.

  • When Will We Use This?

    Many of the things they teach us in schools will not be useful in most careers, but we are still required to learn about them. For instance, a chemist will never need to know about the war of 1812, and a historian will never need to know about capillary action.

  • Parent driven. School approved

    As a teacher in the local high school most my parent complaints start off with a comment about their grades. Usually at this point a parent meeting is set up between myself the principal and the parent. In 10 years of being a teacher the parent has never commented on does the student have the knowledge its always about the grade. Schools then suffer from a grade inflation problem because it is easier to inflate the grade and not deal with the parents.

  • I see it in my school

    Im currently a high school senior and I can definetly see it in my school. Students will pay attention in class and think they understand something, do pretty good om homework and classwork assignments then the day of a test that counts for a big perecentage of your grade comes and they do terribly. It doesn't matter if they learned anything at all, if they missed a certain amount of questions and didn't do good oh well. That's your fault. What schools don't take into account, late worknights for some, sports for others, family emergencies. These students could know all this stuff and have outside factors stressing them out which result in one bad mark where their grade plummets. It all about the grades now and I can see it in my own school.

  • It is true

    It's just ridiculous that student value grades more than they do learning. Foods class for example is a fun and excited environment to be in, math class however is just all about learning certain formulas and equations before you scramble to study for the big test that will either raise you up above passing level or send you sky rocketing down.

  • Education is for a better future instead of getting grades

    Nowadays people study just for their grades and when they pass their exams they soon realize that these books were a burden to them and a waste. If you ask a 10th grade boy about what he learned in 8th grade I bet he can't even answer one question about his textbook. This really shows the attitude of a boy when he just uses his books for the good grades in his exams. Then later that kid studies like he has been doing but for mechanical engineering. He will never know how to handle even a single mechanical software. His life will be ruined when he realizes that he just studied to just pass his exams. He will never even able to make his sons or daughters good people as he has just passed his classes for having GOOD GRADES.

  • No, I do not agree that education is more about temporary results than long term success as you get out of it what you put in.

    Regardless of what trends there are in education these days the ultimate reward belongs to the user. Most people are conscious of the benefits of a quality education, especially if they have to pay for it. Therefore they will maximize it to the fullest and squeeze as much as they can out of it. Trends are just that, trends. Eventually another one will come along and some people will foolishly follow but the true student will go for the long term value rather than temporary results.

    Posted by: B Stephens
  • No, education is much more than just temporary results and grades as what we learn in school will be useful to us all our lives.

    Although education is about grades and results, it has very much useful in real life. Subjects like Maths and Social sciences will be useful to us in all walks of life, we cannot do without them. It is unfair to say that education is merely about temporary results as the impact of education whatever it maybe, lasts a whole lifetime

    Posted by: danoneeno

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