• Education has changed for the worst

    The U.S. seems to think It's a smart idea to compete with other Countries, such as Japan. The amount of pressure put onto young students today is unbelievable. Kids don't get to have fun anymore, because they need to pass yet another test or do 10 more pages of homework. What happened to those kids who want to be plumbers? Or girls that want to work with hair? Why does school nowadays try to force specific areas onto children, such as math? This needs to stop, NOW!

  • Education needs a lot of work

    I believe that the quality of education in the United States has dramatically declined over the course of the past decade. I think that budget cuts have forced teachers and the U.S. education system to "make due" with what's available as opposed to investing in gathering the best materials possible to teach our kids.

  • Yes, the education changed for the worst.

    You see, it isn't just rich students that sometimes want to benefit from small class sizes and direct interaction with a professor and not some 21 year old TA who just finished college last year. Sometimes poor students also want the opportunity to be more than a social security number. Sometimes they want to learn from someone who actually works in the field for which they are training. Sometimes students who don’t have a car and can’t afford to leave home want the same chance to earn a degree as the kid who gets to live in one of those fancy dorms with private bathrooms and climbing walls in the basement or drive mom’s car to and from campus every day. Sometimes students want to be able to put food on the table, earn a credential, and be there to read stories and tuck their kids into bed at night. Poor students have the same dreams for their own kids as their wealthier peers, and, like you, they know that being there, in the home, even if tucked away in a quiet corner working on their computer, is better for their kids than leaving them unattended to run off to night college.

  • Today's education system is nothing but a social expierentment

    I am a senior in high school and as much as I enjoy school and learning, the education is failing me. For example, I have an anatomy and physiology class that I am enrolled in, I've only had the class for 8 weeks so far and I have learned a lot of new information. Yet I have a D in the class. Another example is what I am going to college for has not been taught to me in high school. High school is supposed to prepare you for college and the real world and all it is doing is holding me back from what I want to become. It is lowering my grade point average and making me look stupid even though I am learning. All high school does is let us socialize with peers.

  • Teacher's favorites change everything

    I had a teacher and he absolutely hated me. He favored those who are athletic because he was also a coach himself. My friends and I also felt that he was treating certain people unfairly. So we did an experiment. Me and one of my friends worked on an essay and submitted the same copy of it each for one of the assignments. She got an 80/100 while I got a 50/100. You could just imagine what that did to my grade. Next two of my friends did the same thing but for an advertisement flyer project, One of them got a 95 while the other got an 80. One of the students in my class slacked off all the time, Slept in class (the teacher knew this) and copied off the internet and cheated on tests too, He got an A in the end for his average.

    This shows to everything that the grading system is BS. You're either the favorite or not it's the teacher's decision.

  • School has lost its meaning

    You see school back then or rather lets say people that we learn about today at school never even went to school. We got to school and yet we don't come up with new learning concepts and we are not becoming innovative. Not to mention the fact that most of the things we learn about won't even help us in the years to come like lets say at history we learn about evolution and not about creation, We learn about science but not everyone believes in it and most African people have their own beliefs and since they are not being taught about their cultures they are believed to be 'inferior' and something that you should be ashamed of.

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  • It's executed poorly.

    The people in charge of the education system, Government or otherwise, have very little, if any idea on how things work in a classroom setting and it causes an effect where decisions are poorly made and executed. The people in charge think that if they push the work on students and tell them what to do, then they'll listen. I know, I am a senior in high school, and one that is described as highly intelligent at that. In reality, telling us what to do only makes us want to do it even less, and even more so that we don't get anything out of it. Punishments are a joke too, if a kid decides that they want to goof and break the rules, then nothing happens to them, but a good student messes up ONCE for anything, even minor, and they are punished with the highest degree and nobody wants to change this.
    Also, what's the point of learning 20 different hings in school going to do? They all say to "Make a well rounded individual", but really it's just to A) get more money from the Gov't. B) To look like they are trying. And C) to exercise their authority. The brainwashing too, schools try harder to indoctrinate students into their belief systems, whatever they may be, than to teach them anything useful. An example being how they want kids to swallow college as the one and only thing that will take them through life, which is a complete lie.

    To fix this, what needs to be done is to A) give students something to value, 'cause a good grade or an 'education' is full of crap and many of us know this. B) Fix punishments, I shouldn't get 2 weeks for defending myself in a fight. C) Teach the basics, then let the students go into classes bent more to their future careers. D) Stop theindoctrination, work on actual skills.

  • Here in the UK too.

    In the UK the academies are only interested if they think your kids are bookworms that have no other attributes. There are much greater things in life than exams. This US model has been imported and forced onto the UK population. We get phone calls for the most pathetic of reasons..... Roll on leaving day.

  • Spoon Fed Material

    There is a certain curriculum that teachers must follow and this creates are robotic system in the classroom. In my district one of our teachers was forced to resign because of his unorthodox teaching style. However the only thing he was doing differently was letting us make mistakes instead of spoon feeding ever single thing. Although i think the issue stems mostly in America compared with other countries

  • World Standard Higher

    The US educational system has not really decreased, however the global standards of education have increased. So the US appears stupider, not because of worse education, but because of high standards. As other countries have increased their educational standards, the US has remained the same, but that does not mean the US education has gotten worse. Merely the opposition is often superior.

  • Education System Still Fixable

    Education is only at its worst when the system completely fails. Like it or not, public schools are here to stay. Local tax levies need to be increased to give our kids better public schools, better facilities and higher-paid teachers. Schools haven't failed our kids. Parents have failed our kids. Fathers who won't take responsibility for being a dad and abandon their women are more of a problem for kids than their teachers. Education begins at home.

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