• Common ethical values are yet to be learned.. We are literate, not educated in the right terms.

    When we go through a long process of education (Plato put it at forty years for the ruling class) and we take that learning and use it for long years in society, we come to understand complex processes and intricate things. They make us better human beings.
    The harsh reality of life is that uneducated people, unlearned minds do unsavoury things that if they had known better they would not have done. I hate when men are liming at a corner and a woman passes and she has to endure audible taunts about the shape of her derriére or breast. I may be wrong, but I cannot see an educated person descending to that animalistic level. This is the positive that education brings to our life

  • No, it can NOT fail an objective it never was meant to serve.

    How could an institution largely founded on and operates by coercion, force and punishment consistently teach morality and virtue???

    Unless you think obedience is a virtue, a necessarily involuntary and coercive institution patently contradicts most anyone's sense of morality and virtue.

    If you want to know the roots of public education and it's intention, don't listen to the mainstream rhetoric today, study the conduct and results today and the rhetoric of yesterday's fathers of public education. John Dewey, Horris Mann(unfortunate i share that last name) , etc

    Here's to off-balance things. Frederick mann, author of "The Anatomy of Slavespeak", is another Mann worthy of my name.

  • Education is meant to transform wet clay into a strong pot.

    It is meant to edify us and give us a proper direction in life. Without education there would be no civilisation. It is just that education needs to spread its reach far and wide so as to bring all humans under the umbrella of humanity. Infact education is the vehicle which can bring about a change in our lives.

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