Has Ellen DeGeneres's career been harmed because she is out as a lesbian?

  • Ellen DeGeneres's Career

    I personally think that Ellen DeGeneres's career one of the reasons could have been because she is a lesbian. I personally think that Ellen DeGenere's career probably affected her being a lesbian because of what she beliefs in and how it has probably affected her career now. I personally think that Ellen DeGeneres's career has been apart of her life as being a lesbian.

  • I think her career was actually helped by coming out as a lesbian.

    Ellen DeGeneres when she came out was on a small TV show, and she was one of the first bigger stars to come out. There were some bumps in the road in the years after. But now she has a very sucessful talk show and is also going to host the Oscars. Ellen shows that gay people are not bad. They can be kind hearted and normal. I am sure she has changed the minds of a few who did not believe in homosexuality. Her success shows her coming out did not hinder her in any way.

  • No It Hasn't

    Ellen DeGeneres decided to announce her sexual orientation after her sitcom concluded but before her talk show started. I do not believe her career as been harmed due to this because it is clearly going strong to this day. Obviously she has continued to work and obviously she is a good role model.

  • People don't care.

    No, Ellen DeGeneres's career has not been harmed because she is out as a lesbian, because her career has not really been effected either way. People love Ellen because she has such an engaging personality. She is not afraid to be herself, and that really resonates with people, whether they are straight or gay or whatever.

  • Ellen DeGeneres is Funny No Matter What

    If Ellen Degeneres's career suffered, it's not because she came out of the closet. She still works in Hollywood and gets acting gigs. She has her own show, which clearly hasn't suffered in the ratings otherwise she talk show would be canceled. The funniest thing I've ever heard DeGeneres do was the voice of Dory on "Finding Nemo." She got that role after she came out.

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