Has everyone signed the petition on and donated $$? HUMANS AND ANIMALS ARE BORN INNOCENT AND VALNURABLE!

  • I have donated and signed

    Pitbulls are not the problem.
    Its the environment
    and people who own the pitbulls.
    Not all of course.
    People who like violence and abuse, turn there dogs into violence and abuse!
    There is a better alternative!
    The montreal spca is going to court Monday for this matter.
    They know best about the Montreal pitbulls.

  • Keeping pets in general is a form of cruelty.

    I don't believe animals are compatible with human life styles and there's no telling how an animal will be intentionally raised, or raised as a reaction to its perception of the environment they are in.

    That point given: it is not a good idea to allow people to have ever more dangerous animals as pets after all they are not guns, they are complicated organisms and we as humans have little knowledge of the inner workings of their brains.

    Keeping pets on a mass scale is a barbaric Victorian practice and we have grown as a society since then, we should not only place bans on keeping pets in general as an animal welfare concern, but also we should licence it so that those who need it for their jobs could obtain it.

  • It's a bandaid solution

    It may not be the best solution but the facts speak for themselves, pit bulls are among the most dangerous dogs there are and more often bite and attack then other dogs, your own personal preference is irrelevant when it comes to safety to the public therefore I support this ban until they can come up with a better solution

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