• Science has developed and evolved..

    Science has proven that we have developed from an ape-like organism. We have many similarities to apes such as our hand development, brain development, feet development, and ear development. This has been scientifically proven.
    The Big Bang Theory makes much more sense than an earth just appearing from thin air. An earth evolving from explosions set in chain reactions is much more believable.
    It is also IMPOSSIBLE to live inside a whale, a man living over 120 (ESPECIALLY in Biblical times), and a flood to occur in earth's early days. In earth's early days it was a mere ball of lava. It developed to harden and eventually support an ecosystem. Not to mention all the contradictions that exist within the bible.

  • Yes, Darwin Revealed The Biblical Book of Genesis as Mythology

    Charles Darwin was raised as a Christian. His research began
    the scientific destruction of creationism, but in the course of his studies he
    himself sometimes quoted the Bible as a moral guide. In later life, he
    reluctantly described himself as an agnostic, someone whom the facts forced to
    doubt the revealed truths of the religion of his youth. Darwin’s science
    overcame his faith, as it does for many nowadays.

  • Which version of creationism is correct?

    Swahili? Australian aborigine? Hopi? Chinese? Greek? Japanese? Norse? Egyptian? Sumerian? Germanic? Korean? Cherokee? Aztec? Mayan?

    Of course, these are all wrong. But to the Christian mind, the only correct version of creation is the Judeo-Christian one. However, they will never accept that their version is primarily lifted from the Sumerian version, which has been discredited for a very long time.

    So, yes, evolution has disproved creationism.

  • Yes and No.

    It has thoroughly debunked Young-Earth, however Old-Earth Creation is a feasible idea. What is amusing is when people say "evolution can't explain everything" and then throw "God did it" as an ignorant scapegoat explanation. I, personally, prefer logic, reason, evidence and testing to the idea that there was any kind of creation. I find it doubly amusing that I've heard people say "you cannot disprove this or that" and I simply respond with "Of course I can, I have perfect evidence that is infallible, but cannot be seen, touched, heard, felt or deducted from the laws of logic. Sound familiar?" My point: The burden of proof is not on those who do not believe something, but on those that do. There is an insurmountable mountain of evidence for Evolution and not one iota of evidence for Creation. The bible, quran, torah, etc. Do not constitute evidence. The claims of those texts are questionable at best and the claims of Genesis are absolutely untestable, as well as absolutely absurd from a scientific standpoint.

  • No - it is only another commonly-held belief

    Just like creationism is a commonly-held belief among one group of people, creationism is an alternate theory that cannot be disproven either. There are just too many unknowns about how we got here and how we evolved into modern man. No one can have an absolute claim to understanding our history just yet.

  • Evolutionary Science Still Can't Explain Everything

    Every day, new scientific discoveries are made. Evolutionary science can explain a lot of things as to how humans and animals got to be how they are today. However, it doesn't explain everything. Concepts as to why the natural world evolves are beyond the grasp of science. Science and facts explain how things work, not why things exist.

  • No, creationism cannot necessarily be disproved

    I don't believe that any facts or theory can necessarily disprove creationism because the idea of creationism is beyond our grasp and impossible to disprove. However, there is a plethora of information that confirms that evolution is legitimate. While evolution is now generally accepted as fact, I think it is possible for both theories to co-exist.

  • No evolution hasn't disproved creationism

    I don't think creationism has proven evolution either. I think there is room for both to exist. I think it is very much possible to have a God/Goddess/Creator or whatever you'd wish to call it, create the entire universe and all that exists within it, while still having us evolve in one way or another, mentally or physically both at the same time. It really does not have to be an either or scenario here. So no I don't think evolution has disproved creationism, but I don't believe the opposite true either, believe both can be true.

  • No it's not disproved anything

    Evolution is a fact that many people that believe in creationism try to discredit because it's a threat to their belief system.

    That said I see no reason the two beliefs need to be in contrast with each other why couldn't God create a world that evolves and adapts as it moves forward throughout time ?

    I believe when people are challenged on what they want to believe they get defensive instead of opening their minds and seeing if both systems can work together.

  • Evolutionary theory is incomplete

    Let me know when evolutionist can tell the world how a primitive form of amino acids floating around in water spontaneously became life; i.E., how did non-life evolve into life? Without answering this question and setting the foundation for more complex life, evolutionary theory fails. Additionally, order always deteriorates into disorder.

  • He went trough depression

    He did grow up as a Cristian and when his daughter died he was just going through a life long depression and that he was only looking at the part of the bible where it says that it is well but he didn't look at the part where is says you have to go through hard ships and that is paraphrasing

  • The bible is written in parables.

    When quoting the bible, one must consider that it is not only historical documentation. The bible is written in parables, so therefore everything is not to be taken literally. The passage in Genesis that states that God created Adam from dust may simply be stating that God created man on his own; therefore, God may have used evolution in order to create man.

  • Evolution is how life changed after it appeared.

    Evolution is about how life changed after it appeared, and does not say anything about how life appeared. Creationism talks about how life appeared not how it changed, therefore proving one right does not disprove the other. For example, life can be created and the it evolves, so on and so forth.

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