• Exporting jobs overseas has damaged our national economy.

    Exporting jobs overseas has damaged our national economy. I think that anytime that we allow a job to move overseas we are only hurting ourselves. We are basically shipping the potential money to another land. We could use those jobs in America to help feed our own families. Our economy suffers when we export jobs.

  • I feel like saying, DUH!

    The exporting of jobs overseas has damaged our national economy. When we first saw this happening, economists were screaming from all directions. They directly told us this was detrimental. They said the result would be bad. Note the resulting recession, the housing market bubble, the debt. Your results are here, businesses wanted cheaper labor and they found it.

  • We can do other things.

    No, exporting jobs overseas has not damaged our national economy, because it has made things a lot less expensive for us. Exporting jobs has made it so that banks do not have to charge as much to have call centers, and airlines can have cheaper customer service departments. They pass the savings on to us.

  • Cheaper Prices are Good

    Regardless of where goods are produced, the more cheaply they are produced the more cheaply they can be purchased by consumers, which then have more money to spend on other areas of the economy. Although exporting jobs is harmful to those Americans directly affected, the rest of the country is better off by paying less for goods.

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