• Yes Facebook has ruined love.

    I think Facebook has ruined any chance of love, people like to broadcast their relationships to the whole world. The problem with doing that is when you and your significant other are going through some problems, more than likely you will post on Facebook what is going on, and that is just going to cause another fight. Also Facebook can add even more jealously to your relationship, if you add too much people from the opposite sex, that alone can trigger more problems in your relationship.

  • No, love is as it always was

    It's not possible for any social media website to ruin love. Facebook has created more casual ways for people to meet and perhaps more ways meet someone for casual physical desires. Love in it's many dimensions, and hate for that matter, will go on long after Facebook has faded and the next new fad takes its place.

  • No, Facebook has not ruined love

    Love is just as good as it ever was. I do not think that Facebook has ruined anything. If you are looking for love on Facebook you're lost. It is not for that. You can look for love in millions of other places, including other internet dating sites. Facebook has little to do with the state of love in the world.

  • No, of course Facebook hasn't ruined love!

    Facebook can't ruin love. Love is as good or as bad as the people involved in it. A website can't ruin love, not even Facebook! Saying that Facebook is ruining love is just looking for an excuse for your own poor behavior, instead of owning up to your mistakes and things you may have done wrong!

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