Has fake news gone too far with this latest conspiracy theory at Comet Pizza?

  • Yes, it seems so.

    Even sometimes it could be very funny, this one it is not at all. Over the weekend, Comet Ping Pong received dozens of calls from people screaming obscenities and threats. Mr. Alefantis got 50 nasty Instagram direct messages, including one that warned, “This place should be burned to the ground!”

  • Fake news is causing serious problems with public knowledge

    Throughout the election cycle, people have been inundated with so much fake news that a significant problem has been created in the ability to understand what is true and how to evaluate which news sources to trust. When people are presented with plausible information that supports an opinion they already hold, such as thinking that Hillary Clinton is corrupt or Donald Trump is a con-man, people are less inclined to trust information to the contrary to the point that services dedicated to fact checking have been called into question as a part of a conspiracy. This confirmation bias leads to less and less willingness to change an opinion, which can lead to violent radicalization.

  • Someone got hurt.

    Yes, fake news went too far with the latest conspiracy theory at Comet Pizza. Someone pulled out a gun. Someone got hurt. This is the place where fun and games goes too far. Joking, fake news is fine as long as it's so obvious that even people who aren't smart can figure out it's fake. This crossed the line.

  • Yes, fake news has gone too far

    The amount of fake news is ridiculous, it's not helped by companies like Facebook including it in their news feeds. The biggest problem is the people of America who love conspiracies and believe literally anything they read. If the people of America used their brains then fake news would quickly die a death, unfortunately that won't happen when people keep sharing the fake news and believing it.

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