• They have done it

    Once upon a time deez nuts were involved. And and and and and this is the end so Islamic terrorist that live here but from islam came and then they are will be arrested even tho they did nothing wrong here. Fact that they will be cuz it is true

  • Yes, they have

    They are conducting unlawful surveillance (PATRIOT Act), they fund TSA, both are against the 4th amendment. That is enough, in my opinion, to say that yes, the Federal government has indeed exceeded its authority. But, on top of that, they are executing American citizens with drones, and trying to conduct surveillance with drones, both of which are unconstitutional. President Obama has also made it possible to arrest any American citizen, without due process, and deny them any of their Miranda rights. They can be held without charge, simply for being "suspected of terrorist activities". All of this, and more, is enough to say that the Federal Government has most definitely exceeded its authority.

  • Yes, They Have

    The federal government has exceeded its authority when it comes to many things. These include domestic surveillance and the stripping of rights due to the Patriot Act. They have also exceeded their authority when it comes to torturing and murdering foreign people, but also our own citizens. So, yes, they definitely have.

  • Who is Our Government for? It's for the People.

    Do you know what it means to be an American? Most people do not understand what it means to be American. Now when you understand what it means to be American you see that the government is for the people of the United States of America. The government is supposed to act in the best interest of the people. Lately however, the government has been acting in its own interest. The government does as it feels is appropriate for itself. They do not choose things that will be the best for the people.
    The recent episodes with guns have shown that the government is working for itself. It is the people's right to bear arms. What if the government takes hat away from you? They are taking away your rights as an American. The government should not be allowed to take away rights when ever they want.
    Do you feel that criminals will listen to the new laws? Of course they won't, that's why they are criminals. The government is taking rights away from the right people and giving them to the wrong people.
    So yes, in my opinion, the government has over stepped their boundaries. They need to be reminded who they were meant for and who they are suppose to be helping and not hindering.

  • No, the federal government has not exceeded its authority.

    There are instances in which the federal government has crossed the line; however, on the whole it doesn't do enough to ensure that states are in compliance with laws regarding an individual's basic rights and liberties the federal government was designed to protect. Further, states don't do enough in regards to their smaller communities where discrimination can be, even today, a large problem.

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