• Feminism has obliterated the family

    First off I would like to point out the feminism manifests itself in ways that are opposite to how the female brain in hardwired to interact with the world. For example, in relationships it is said the women have to become unattainable, a prize to be won if you will. When they do this they try to be ambitious and create a life for themselves without men, and when a decent man comes along, they refuse to relinquish their power over to him. While women may feel empowered by behaving this way they will naturally try to keep chasing the high of wanting more power, but at what expesnse? Happiness. They will chase their materialistic desires to no end, but will not be able to feel feminine in the process, driving them to end their relationships, marriages, and instead crave attention and nothing more. What does this have to do with the family? Everything! The foundation of the family is the mother and the father. If their relationship is in turmoil the family will be utterly ruined, and as the children grow older they will be filled with insecurity and a constant need to find validation from others that otherwise may have been fulfilled by their parents at a younger age. If a woman cannot relinquish her power in a relationship she will move into her "mommy mode" or maternal instinct mode. In other words, she will treat her husband as if she is his mother. The other downside to feminism is that it installs the idea of "male guilt" into the minds of men, so as to soften their tendencies for assertiveness, a dominant masculine quality in exchange for more feminine wiles such as: seeking validation, giving flowers and gifts in exchange for affection, chasing women, and feeling that certain women are off limits or have intrinsic high value then himself. It is these things that also allow men to potentially become abusive, needy, controlling, servile and stalkerish, argumentative. Then, if you mix this complicated dynamic together and you will have an environment that is not suitable for children to be raised in. As these children grow older they will only perpetuate the warped views of gender roles and further decay the family, and like a malignant cancer these ideas will spread to generations and eventually the family will be in ruins. BUT if we push back against this movement and reform society, then the family will rise again.

  • Without a doubt it has destroyed families and more families to come.

    The vast majority of men want equal rights for women and in my opinion they have them. It is now just a case of women trying to get one up on men and trying to use the fact they are women to get places easier and quicker than a man can. It's like every household now has a running battle between the sexes. What is wrong with a women making dinner for her family, what is wrong with a women looking after the home why the husband works. You think working all the time is fun, you think men really want to be away from there family most of the day and then come home to get it in the ear about doing the housework. Why would a wife and a mother not want to do that for her family?

  • Feminism is a hateful ideology pushed mostly by radical angry Jewish women that teaches women that they are always the victim

    Feminism teaches the false belief that women are "oppressed" today and this leads them to dislike males, which is a big reason why you have wives and women who criticize you 24/7. Also even if women were oppressed in the past, this doesn't mean that women are allowed to punish men for it who weren't even born in those times were women were oppressed.

  • Need to go back to the old school

    We should have the right to vote but be at home running things. I am for the nuclear family, men work and women cook, clean, raise children etc. This is great team work. But Now we are expected to cook, clean, raise kids and now while working 40+ hours a week. This isn't how team work works. You Both do your share to ensure the best future for your children and the most pleasant home atmosphere. Raising kids is hard I have two under two. I am busy from the time I wake up until the time I am able to get more sleep. Some nights I only get 2 or 3 hrs. But I still make sure I am cooking and cleaning. We are one unit. If I were working as well someone else would be raising my kids instilling their values into my children. I don't want that and no one else should either. I try to spend more time with my kids not less. Kids don't understand being pawned off on someone else. They will grow to resent it. And men need to be supported and needed that's our job. If we don't fulfill their needs they may leave leading to a broken family and more resentments.

  • The Pill Did It

    Before the pill, women bonded to a single man to make pregnancy more honorable and financially viable. Now, sex has become more of a sport, with no attached sanctity. Men reject those gals with the "mileage," wanting no desire for a long term relationship with them. Women become non-committal and unconstrained as they play the field, finally becoming barren and lonely. It's then that these women have the time and motivation to become feminists.

  • Feminism is a hate movement.

    I don't know of many people who disagree with feminism IN THEORY. In theory, feminism is about equality for everyone, from the female perspective. The reality, however, is far from the sales pitch. Feminists demonize all men for the actions of a few and EVERYTHING is offensive to them. Feminists hate men and they hate women who do not hate men. This is what I call a hate movement.

  • Without a doubt.

    I believe that Feminism has indeed harmed our society, as it has changed our family centered culture in a crucial way. Male-Female relationships have faced many historical hardships, but feminism turns the entire natural order on its head, to the great disappointment of both men and women. Women are unsatisfied in their lives and relationships, and so are men. There were enough inherent problems with the traditional family unit due to human nature and all of our other issues, that feminism has exacerbated.

  • Just look at how far our society has degraded in 50 years.

    10 000 years of patriarchal family values brought humanity from hunter-gatherer to world subduer. We conquered nature, the seas, and even space. We provided food for ourselves and developed societies that cared for one another, that brought up children in loving family homes. A value based society enforced by fatherly male authority and direction.

    Yet, in roughly 50 years, the birth rate has dropped to unsustainable, the divorce rate has skyrocketed to >50%, school shootings are rampant, people have become selfish, entitled and narcissistic. Value centered living has been replaced with fascist tolerance and a perverted form of egalitarianism that promotes no higher values but that of 'do what you feel.' Men are ostracized and shamed, having no place has driven them into their mothers basements to play Call of Duty. Obesity is at an all time high, and with it the related diseases of high blood pressure and diabetes.

    Single motherhood is a plague. And 80% of all men in the criminal justice system were raised by single mothers.

    Gender neutrality has seen an enormous increase in feminized men and masculinized women, leading to a significant increase in homo and bisexuality, and something new and bizarre: gender misidentification syndrome.

    Testosterone levels are falling and young women are entering puberty in some cases as early as 8 or 9 years old.

    Depression and anxiety is at an all time high. People are unfulfilled in relationships and employment, and the economy is suffering because men have no purpose or place.

    What happened 50 years ago? One word: feminism.

    The destruction of the father and the family has ultimately destroyed society.

  • Feminism is destroying everything

    Feminism has rendered men redundant and created a society of narcistic, egotistical women educated to believe they are right about everything and men are just a bunch of Homer Simpson like clowns there to serve them and for them to use in every way available. Male values of structure and discipline have vanished leaving broken nations of single mothers and depressed fathers with out of control children. Women abuse their positions just as much as men and court the attentions of bad boys and the biggest thugs going, to whom they always seem so attracted, to clime every ladder they can find. Boys are taught to believe they have nothing to contribute to the family, a view reinforced by poisonous politicians like Harriet Harman who believe things like enforcing laws requiring fathers' names to be entered on birth cirtificates, "May tar children with bad fathers." Statements like this are so hyocritical and prejudiced as for it to be unreal. Feminism rejects concepts of natural order and instinct in favour of ideas about how blokes socially engineered society to oppress women. In doing this they project onto the male sex the solidarity which exists between women where in fact this doesn't exist because most blokes are so sexually entranced by their girlfriends as to be blinded into thinking she's as fabulous as she thinks she is. Fortunately feminism will eventually fail because as more men grow up surrounded by women, who have rejected their men as being surplus to their needs and abit of an anchor, they will become disentranced with them and learn solidarity between males. Men will entirely reject the sexual allure of women and increasingly ignore them, both sexually and personally, feminism will intensify as a result and the cycle will continue until the whole situation becomes so utterly unsatisfactory that some entirely new force will take over. I think that force is already among us.

  • Feminism is the family cancer

    When the family don't have time to sit on the table made by their mother where they can compliment her on the food she done. When a child is raised by a nanny. When the family does not see each other more often. When the mother is paid more than the father. When the father is jobless. After all this, all I can say is good bye family.

  • The same misogynistic BS

    Whenever dudes feel 'put upon', they complain about women. She doesn't do enough to satisfy ME. Guess what- "life, liberty, & pursuit of happiness- for women too". We have the right to decide what is best for our individual lives- even if it doesn't correlate w/ your self-serving utopia. Sorry!

    Posted by: Sika
  • It hasn't

    Feminism has expanded what a family does, it hasn't destroyed it. Households don't fall apart because mom has a job. Sure, some roles aren't what they traditionally used to be, but so what? It's changed things, that isn't the same as saying it's ruined them. Feminism has made gender roles adjust a little, not a bad thing.

  • Feminism has not destroyed the family.

    This question suggests that family has to follow a specific structure. Therefore a change in that structure means that the family has been "destroyed". I disagree. I think this is another case of ego by the male or perhaps social/media influence of "the right kind of family". However way a child is raised, if the main points of morality get through then that family has been successful. It doesn't matter if it is a Patriarchal or Matriarchal family structure or even if the woman is the only one in the family raising the children.

  • The definition of family is ever evolving

    The way we view family, and living situations have changed from culture to culture and century to century. Feminism has helped redefine the family of today, but it hasn't destroyed it. Women deserve the right to work, and do all the same things as men. However, children must be looked after. More stay at home dads are emerging, and that's not a bad thing. Families get to choose what works best for them. They also get to choose what the idea of family means to them. Family is not a one-size-fits-all cookie cutter!

  • Of course it hasn't you misogynist pigs

    If women having rights offends you then piss off. How can you actually believe that feminism has destroyed the family? Because girls won't accept being raped or abused anymore? Because they want equal rights and pay? I'm actually disgusted by this and how many people have voted yes to this.

  • No, feminism is misunderstood.

    Many people believe feminism is a movement against men and that it discredits their capabilities, When you think about it this way, it may have a potential to destroy certain families. Nevertheless, feminism is far from this notion. The movement was created to support women in society, to fight for the rights that were so long denied. By treating people fairly, feminism, when well understood and employed, should in fact promote family by helping wives and moms live a happier life.

  • Women have to demonstrate to their children the importance of being free

    The father is not the only figure who should show their children freedom and self satisfaction also the mother should do the same thing. The problem is how the children are grown, girls will do girls things and boys the same because they imitates their parents, but for a equal society variety is needed

  • Feminism leads to the gang banger society!

    No man in the household means young girls become crack whores and young boys become gangster thugs that pop caps in people's asses. Just look at the murder rate in Chicago today. Compare that to the percentage of single mothers in poverty with imprisoned, absentee or deceased fathers. See a correlation there? Gee, I wonder why? Maybe, men are needed in society and maybe Feminism has done more to marginalize men then to make women so called more equal to men. Want a matriarchal society? Great, watch our civilization come to an end. Matriarchal societies don't last very long, as modern Chicago shows with its ever increasing murder rate! Feminism leads to the breakdown of the family, which leads to the breakdown of neighborhoods and communities and ultimately the destruction of an entire nation! Stop being weak Conservatives. The Conservative movement needs to make better more intelligent and coherent arguments. Feminism is evil and satanic. It goes against nature and nature's God!

  • Cause I felt bad it was only at 6 %

    Doesn't everyone need more feminism
    Even I can't count how many destroyed families there are on fingers
    Ever heard of Malcom in the Middle?
    Zebras. Thats. All.
    Not everyone can live like Larry. You right wings are just jealous.
    Ultimately, we are the master race.
    The only thing that matters is Feminism
    So eat it.

    Read the first letter of every sentence.

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SpadeZ says2017-07-30T00:48:16.973

Ok, let us Just take the entire history of 'Man'kind..Look at how much we progressed from being Cavemen/Cavewoman to such technologically advanced civilized race. Thanks to MEN.

Men did all the major inventions which made the world much more easier place to live in. ,Discoveries and inventions..Electricity..Modern machines, transportation vehicles, computers, internet, satellites to earth's orbit,..All made possible by MAN,.. So that women are enjoying the status now. MEN ALLOWED THE FREEDOM WOMEN NOW HAVE.

What did WOMEN INVENT?..Other than USELESS stuffs like Safety pins, or Bras (some don't wear and 80% of them who wear don't get the right fit) which only helped themselves. Whereas there are inventions by MEN that made women's life easier..Tch..Even the tampons or Sanitary pads they use and made them possible to come out of their house..Was invented by MEN. Automatic transmission cars, Kitchen appliances & utensils made by MEN to make Women's life easier. Heck even FEMINIST MOVEMENT was started by MEN.

BUT ALL THAT WORK DONE FOR WOMEN BACKFIRED. They started thinking.."Ok so since you made all these automatic things and it is all easy to cook and all..Why don't you do it..Or why do I have to be in the house". So IN A WAY IT IS ALL MEN'S FAULT.

WOMEN IN GENERAL ARE SELFISH PRICKS. The only time they are not SELFISH is when they BECOME MOTHERS. Atleast THAT WAS HOW IT USED TO BE. NOW THEY WANT TO GO OUT INTO THE WORLD AND DO "SOMETHING". What exactly they have accomplished for the past these many years is beyond me. WHAT HAVE THEY INVENTED OR CONTRIBUTED to the world in recent times?? FIDGET SPINNERS??...ANOTHER USELESS INVENTION BY A WOMAN.


World Wars brought women from kitchens to factories doing the assembly line works (any idiot can do). WE GAVE THEM OPPORTUNITIES.

WOMEN NEVER REALIZE THEIR LIMITS. They are mentally, physically weaker than a MAN. GOD made him to be superior in every way. Or LOOK AT THE ANIMAL KINGDOM. You will see only very rare anomalies like Black widow spiders etc which has females bigger or powerful than males or Penguins who sits on the egg to warm them. GENERALLY MALES ARE HUNTERS. THAT IS BIOLOGICAL TRUTH.

WHATEVER A Woman can do, A MAN CAN DO 10 TIMES BETTER...MORE EFFICIENT AND EFFECTIVE. That is what TESTOSTERONE DOES. In REALITY there are very FEW things a women can do better a man. TO RAISE THE KIDS which she gave birth to. To instill and cultivate love, humility, sensitivity, empathy etc. All those finer qualities of a HUMAN BEING are taught better by WOMEN BY STAYING AT HOME AND ENSURING THEIR KIDS developed them. Unmarried women can do some service like being nurses in hospitals to take care of the sick, instead of turning to LESBIANISM which is a cancer and EVIL.

So women should just know their place in the society and work as a team with man for the betterment and survival of MANIIND.