Has feminism given women a false sense of entitlement?

Asked by: eApplet2
  • For Current Feminism Activist, Yes

    Most women today say they are "feminist", presumably because it somewhat the norm for females to say now. They think everyone should be equal and are anti-misogynistic. They are not feminism activists.

    Feminism activists are those campaigning for female rights. They have kept pushing for women equality and have eventually extended the equal bounds. This is driven by a sense of entitlement.

    Legally: Women > Men - In court a woman's testimony often will override anything a man says. This has led to false accusations. Notably in my mind was an abusive relationship where the woman would hurt herself and blame the man. He eventually stopped going home and started living at his friends. She ended up getting caught because she went to the police the next day with a bunch of bruises blaming him and filed legal proceedings. The only reason he was declared not guilty was because he was able to prove he did not go home that night.

    Economically: Women make a small margin less than men, but this is due to degree difference. Men dominate the technical field and take larger career risks with starting businesses. This I believe drives the difference in pay. Women now graduate with more degrees and are much less likely to be fired.

    Socially: They both are the blunt of physical jokes. They each have their own insults. Its not like one is given priority.

  • They Have It Better Than Men

    My first case will be that cops almost always side with the female. Watch cops and you'll see what I'm talking about. They also tend to believe a women's testimony more then a males. They also are more likely to keep their jobs longer.

    My next case is chivalry and how all women want it. They expect us to treat them like a queen.

    My next case is women always complain about how they are only sex symbols and men objectify them. They neglect to mention they do the exact same thing to men.

    My last case is they complain we make dirty jokes about them. That is okay. It's called the first amendment. Look it up people. Plus they also forget to mention that do the exact same thing to men.

    Now do you think that women have a false sense of entitlement and should just be thankful for what they have. (Okay that may have sounded a little rude. Sorry.)

  • Yes it has

    Modern Feminists (or commonly known as feminaziis) are under the impression that males who think, talk, joke, or promote sex are all rapists. This is not a stereotype nor an isolated issue, it's an issue which thousands of feminists hold to be true. NOBODY has this sort of entitlement (to be able to persecute someone over a joke or a thought), and this is a false sense of entitlement which they believe to be just.

  • They only cherry pick good aspects of being male.

    When i hear them whine and complain about being sex objects and not being paid as much as men. The reason id call this entitlement is women are already equal and have it better than men in modern society. They expect special treatment ( chivalry ) they whine about men seeing them as "sex objects" women look at men the same way. While men need to do all of the hard jobs like mining, oil field work, construction work and we are forced to sign up for the draft women aren't. Women serve 40% less prison time for the same crimes a man could commit they always get more in divorce court so to me the modern feminist movement is made up of nothing but entitled whiners.

  • Feminism Sold Women on an Illusion

    Feminism has led to the destruction of the American family unit. Divorces are rampant because of the overbearing expectations of women. Abortions have claimed 57 million lives. Feminists promote a rape culture that does not exist and is not supported by any real statistics. Boys are committing suicides at a rate that is 5 times higher than girls. Boys are dropping out of college and marriage. The worst are male feminists who fall for the trap of feminists in the hopes of getting laid. They have no idea how crude women are behind closed doors and do not hold women accountable for anything. Over 200 people have been freed of false convictions by the innocence project. The majority of which were FALSE RAPE CLAIMS. No one talks about this. The sad part is the innocence project is so understaffed. If it was properly staffed, we would find hundreds more men falsely accused. Then there are the feminists who totally ignore the rise in alcoholism among women in college and how it correlates to rape claims. Women are literally so drunk that they screw and regret then claim rape.

  • Female Entitlement Mentality

    Feminism has tricked women into fighting a war that doesn't exist. There is no war on women, feminism's agenda has nothing to do with equality for the sexs. It's really just misandry covered up with "female empowerment. American women are the most priveledged beings on the planet. Manipulating them into thinking they are being oppressed is one of the biggest stunts ever pulled.

  • Modern feminism has

    Third wave feminism has given women a false sense of entitlement. Women are led to believe that they don't need a man for anything and that it is their job to tell men to be attracted to obese females instead of fertile, healthy women. Some women even hate men. Some try to ban words like bossy

  • Feminism is not about "empowerment" but a power and money grab.

    Feminism is now mostly concerned with lumping all men into one group (a patriarchy) in which a) all men are complicit in the oppression of women and b) all men inherently benefit. The truth of the matter, the global economy continues to make fewer and fewer people even more richer and powerful - perhaps one percent of all men (and women) have the power (and money) feminists are really after. The average working man has no more or less "privilege" than the average working woman - this is just a construct, aka an imaginary thing in the minds of gender studies professors who's budgets come from working class cogs in the corporate wheel. Threatening their very existence, the campus feminists (arts studies liberals) desperately need an enemy to fight, victim status and to wage a war on a system that is very tough on them financially. These groups are merely fighting for survival, and using whatever means necessary to propagate. They are essentially - a virus.

  • When Ladies fight for Women's rights, it turns them into what they are fighting against!

    I am fine with Women's rights and I think they should be able to do whatever men can do, and they Can! As they fight, they start to think that they are better than men, and that they are the better sex, when they are fighting for equality! Does anybody else see a problem with that?

  • Feminist are self centered

    For feminist its all about the girls. Then they assure us that it is about equality. I can not remember the last feminist who said "Heh! Guys are human too! They don't need us trying to make them feel like crap!" Any one with an ounce of logic will see that guys face as much hardship as girls, maybe even more because of feminist who try to hurt us because we are 'privileged'.

  • Women aren't here for you.

    Patriarchy has created a false sense of entitlement for men.

    Men who think they can joke, talk and promote sex with an unwilling woman who happens to be walking by, are pigs and misogynists.

    There is no problem with friends sharing lewd jokes, but when one is made at the expense of any person who is not receptive to it, that is a morally corrupt thing to do.

    When you objectify women, you desensitize yourself to their humanity.

    When you boil women down into the punch-line of a sexual joke, you're dehumanizing them.

    Women ARE entitled to be treated like peers and human beings from men. Misogynists have a false sense of entitlement, because they want women to exist for no other purpose than their sexual objectification.

  • "False sense of entitlement"?

    Women are entitled to.... Not be treated like sexual objects, not getting raped because the way they dress or getting paid equal for the the same work they do as males. As humans, they're entitled to not be discriminated against just like males and intersex people are. I don't agree with the feminist theory but I do agree with the idea of (not only) gender equality but racial, sexual, religious, ethnic and all equality. Feminism doesn't give women a false sense of what they are entitled to-- spladam is probably a white cishet.

  • Not Exactly, but there are issues.

    I don't think that their "entitlement" is false. Equal rights and treatment is certainly a good cause.

    However, I do think that the current movement has spawned some hypocrisy among feminists that seems to have given them some sort of "selective feminism".

    You can't have your cake and eat it too; you can't have it both ways. Women should certainly have equal rights, but that means they should be treated equally in all other matters of the law, including domestic disputes.

    Another issue with feminism is the "sexual objectification" argument, which usually annoys me because it is often perpetuated by other women in their actions and clothing choice.

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1814Username says2014-07-25T14:36:57.347
Yep, the matriarchy is being pushed and you see America crumbling from withing. Amazing how that happens.
1814Username says2014-07-25T14:40:40.730
Oh yeah, then there are the ones who think they are being objectified, when in reality they are just arrogant and think they are something special. Hate to tell you, but many women in America are fat as heck. If a man looks at you, it isn't because we are thinking you are sexy. It is think that you are fat as can be. You ever see the feminists at a rally? They are some of the biggest slobs out there. Why on earth these women think they are being objectified is beyond me. What really is going on is that they are ticked off that no one looks at them and they are jealous of the good looking women in society. Plus, if you don't want to be objectified, don't spend tens of billions on things that are designed to make people look at you.
1814Username says2014-07-25T14:46:43.360
I will give you an example of how crazy feminists are. I once had a discussion with a feminists about how incarceration only targets males. The facts are that 93% of people in prison are male. The number of males arrested are higher than that. The crazy feminists said, well women are being arrested at higher rates too. Well, no they aren't actually and the difference between 93% and 7% is vast. Then when you throw in the fact that females are the majority gender --- it really becomes obvious how delusional women are. Then when you read all the research on the gender gap in prison sentencing it gets even crazier. Women in America are delusional. They see a rape culture that does not exist, the abort their babies out of convenience, they talk about the barriers to education when they are the majority gender in college, and they complain about not having access to jobs they don't want to do. Jobs where they sweat and end up with lifelong ailments.
leonitus2464 says2014-07-25T15:41:14.470
Wow 67% percent vote yes it looks like men are waking up.
The_Immortal_Emris says2014-07-25T17:21:28.833
Notice how all of the "yeses" are conservative men.
leonitus2464 says2014-07-25T22:20:37.133
I said yes and im liberal.
1814Username says2014-07-26T21:37:08.920
How do you know all the yes answers come from conservative men? Try again Emris. Nothing worse than a male feminist who makes up things in his own head.