Has Feminism made a positive impact on society?

Asked by: eApplet2
  • Yes, absolutely it has.

    Feminism brought about women's suffrage. It allowed women into the workplace, it has made great strides in curbing our patriarchal trends.

    Domestic abuse is down, women in higher education is soaring. Feminism has done wonders for creating a more equal, more fair society.

    Cultures that exploit women seldom last. It's time we honored all people equally.

  • Feminism is cancer.

    Feminism has hurt men and women alike as it has taught girls to give up what makes them special while still demanding special treatment. It has taught them to put others down in order to elevate themselves. It has taught them that emotion is more important than fact. It has split the world in two and created a war in every home. It has made men afraid of women, and as a result has made women lonely as they age. Feminism is a blight upon our society and the sooner we are she'd of it the sooner we can return to normalcy.

  • 1st wave yes, recent generations ..No.

    No question, In the past feminism fought for equal rights. Wanting the same rights as the opposite sex. But its pretty obvious that the last 20 plus years of feminism has nothing to do with giving up all those many special rights, privileges only for women. You do not see women willingly offering to give up the laws, rights, privilege's, offerings, chivalry they solely command in this generation.

    Posted by: zoo
  • It has not.

    Feminists are causing the world to be a worse place for men and women. They say that women are victims of men so they need men to be feminists to help them. They also portray Masculinity as 'toxic' and Femininity as 'perfect'. They also celebrate abortion, which I support the right to choose to have a safe and legal abortion but it is not something to be celebrated.

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jeannie178 says2016-04-24T23:54:12.173
Women have more rights than men because of feminism, but women feel less equal to men, and in need of greater protection from men,more so now than in any other era, because of feminism.
Men and women got along just fine before feminism, but feminism has created a siege mentality in American women that only disguises americas biggest problem, its not the gulf between men and women that's damaging Americas society, its the gulf between the rich and the poor that's the issue.
Every year the rich get richer, both MEN AND WOMEN, whilst the poor get poorer, both MEN AND WOMEN, and this is better achieved by turning low paid american women into the same cart horses their low paid husbands have always been.