• Yes, people are obsessed with food.

    People have become obsessed with food. It is often a topic of conversation, such as talking about restaurants and new foods one has tried. It's also impossible to go to any event or outing and not be given food--even just a visit with a friend at their home. Every event, outing, or anywhere we go, we are expected to eat at that event. This obsession can negatively impact people, leaving out, or putting pressure on, those with disabilities like diabetes, heart disease, and food allergies, as well as people on voluntary diets.

  • A tasty treat has obesession tail

    I would for sure agree with the fact that the food has become obsession. I have come across many people where if they crave a particular food type, they have to have that as a treat. And in many cases people go to have a certain food for them to feel like they had a complete meal of the day. I can give infinite reason for people's obsession for food.

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