Has freedom been taken too far in the western world?

  • I would say so.

    By the way us Americans behave, I honestly think that freedom is being taken advantage of in the US. People call each other racist when we disagree with them and try to knock some sense into them, Democrats are trying to brainwash us and take over the country, people from other countries desperately want to come into the US and do it illegally since they don't have enough money to do it legally, common sense is dying down (it's not even a priority anymore), excuses from Democrats and Liberals who don't want to spoil their narrative, people buy guns illegally, we hate the cops simply because they are "gunning down innocent black people" (which I don't), all we do is bully other people politically, we protest the anthem, and we break the law and continue doing so even after we get out of prison! It just seems like a complete free for all! I'm guessing America is one of the most hated countries in the world because us American residents simply take advantage of our freedoms. Just enjoy your normal life. Get a job, go to school, reach your full potential, work, get married, start a family. Simple!

  • We are Animals in Chaos

    The majority of people spend time thinking about issues which are rooted in their emotions, often guided by self interest. The majority of people still think the experience of their brain processing language and thinking with an inner voice constitutes a 'spirit' or 'soul' of some sort and makes them special. They can't be blamed for this because we are driven by thousands and millions of years of genetics and instincts to be self centered for survival. Something to consider: When in the history of humanity has there been an advantage or edge to be gained in an individual considering their impact on the globe at large rather than personal gain? We are by nature driven by a selfish need to survive as all animals. There has never been an advantage in taking the selfless long term global view on how to live one's life. Now we are at a moment in time where all of a sudden most people will have to decide that, yes, there is an advantage in taking a selfless long term global view on how to live one's life, counterintuitive to millions of years of genetic biological impulses. Therefore, a strong world government should be in place to check the ramifications of billions of selfish human beings with short sighted views desperately trying to survive.

  • Absolutely. Certainly. Yes.

    Humans have upper limits to our cognitive power, we are simply too stupid for modern philosophies. "Freedom", "tolerance", and "equality" are paradoxical ideas, that go against their own axioms when taken to their logical conclusions. It only leads to conflict and pain. There is, in fact, no single human on this Earth who argues for freedom, just the destruction of ideas he disagrees with. Conflict is intrinsic to human nature.

    For any type of freedom it will be necessary to have more powerful thinking machines to truly understand and solve these problems. Freedom needs to be severely limited for human beings and more powerful things need to be given more freedom. Networks, markets, AI. More powerful systems.

  • Freedom is too often abused by those who let their emotions guide them.

    The problem with the western world is that freedom is abused by people's stupidity, ego and cognitive dissonance.

    The voice of reason is often drowned out by a larger, emotional and less rational crowd. We hide from unpleasant truths and tip toe around those with fragile egos in the name of political correctness. Discussion is no longer about sound reasoning, it's now about who screams the loudest and is best able to appeal to others' emotions.

    Sure, there are times when issues worth being angry and passionate about. There are also many issues that are overstated and serve primarily as a breeding ground for anger and hate. In the latter case, people use their negative emotions to justify their position as victims regardless how valid their stance. Their arguments are often littered with bitter emotion rather than logic.

    It is my opinion that the people outlined above are negatively affecting social cohesion in the West. These people divide the population and erode our social norms, values and traditions that otherwise would have helped to keep society civil and harmonious.

  • People get away with way to much

    Everyone has their own human rights all of which make complete sense when regarding people's safety but there are always going to be people who take advantage of the system and do bad things to other people. But of course they don't have to deal with any of the consequences because it was their human right to commit whatever crime they did.

  • People have the tendency to take advantage of many things.

    America back then was look as the country of freedom. People came to America to live a better, more open minded life, so they can live in a place where they can practice their religion, and say what they want. It still is viewed this way. But these days, many people take the term freedom to a whole new extent.

    "Oh, it's a free country." I'm pretty sure a lot of you have heard--have OVER heard--a lot of stupid people say that, just so they could do a lot of stupid things. People opposing are saying stupid people are taking advantages, and that's exactly why freedom has been taken too far. There's an extent where you want people to have rights, and the extent when too many people are abusing those rights.

  • Personal Freedoms or Gov. Freedoms?

    The personal freedoms of each citizen in the US(which is all I can speak for) has not been taken too far but stupidity has we have let this government have too much freedom/power almost so much so that it can't be taken back without all out chaos. So I say yes freedom has been taken too far in the western world because it has affected innocent people in the eastern world.

  • Yes, Slightly

    It is hard for us to admit but yes, freedom and tolerance has brought intolerance into our society.

    I will use the European example such as France, Holland, Great Britain. Those countries have a big amount of Muslim immigrants that they have accepted (it is not a bad thing in itself) but a big part of those Muslims preach intolerance, hate toward the western world, antisemitism, forcing sharia law etc. While the European government tolerant such intolerance.

  • freedom has been too restricted

    I have a definite issue with the restraining of rights to individuals in the United States. Over the last ten years, Americans have lost a sigificant amount of rights. I believe all Americans should be able to see a judge when accused of a crime and the right to a fair and speedy trial.

  • No.

    Freedom has not been taken to far, it's just that there is a lot of stupid people taking advantage of such freedom for their own childish or disturbing means. Take the west-baptist church for example. I respect their right to say the things they say, though I wouldn't shed a tear if someone was to attack them while they were doing so.

  • No

    No, freedom has not been taken too far in the western world. All humans born should be entitled to the same rights. These rights include the ability to believe what ever it is that we choose along with being able to make our own decisions. The western world acknowledges that without regulation and laws there would be chaos, but at the same time doesn't punish people as severely as other locations and shouldn't. If anything, the western world does not supply as much freedom as it claims to. There are constant battles over the allowance of giving citizens the option of abortions, birth control, and more. Also in the western world you may even be banned from marrying the person that you love which should be a right of all human beings. Freedom has definitely not been taken too far in the western world.

  • Freedoms Limited Since 9/11

    Freedom hasn't been taken too far. Europe has laws restricting free speech. America conducted secret wiretapping after 9/11. Abortion rights for women continue to be rolled back by conservatives. If anything, there are fewer freedoms in the Western world than 40 years ago. There is more equality, yes, but I would say fewer freedoms.

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Anonymous says2013-04-26T13:03:48.710
Yes, we have too much freedom and someone should put a stop to this before the citizens take over america