• Yes it has been here for quite a while, and there are only 2 genders (male and female).

    There has been male and female politicians, CEOs, laborers, fast food workers, blue collar and white collar. Women work just as hard as men do (if you look at the big picture). Anything "equality" now wether it be gender, race or sexuality is just done for special privileges nowadays. Such as making up new specialities and make believe genders (only 2 biological genders). It's all for special privileges or special treatment.

  • Gender equality still isn't here

    There are still ways in which men, women and transgender individuals still aren't equal. For example, men tend to earn more money in the workplace. It is acceptable for women to be stay-at-home moms, but stay-at-home dads are still kind of taboo. In a world where men are expected to bring home the bacon, many women are the bread winners.

  • No, society has a long way to go before gender equality is a reality.

    Since feminism has been a common term for decades, and the role of women in society has changed so much, some people are under the impression that gender equality has been attained. However, one quantifiable way this is proven untrue is through the still very extant income gap between men and women in the United States. While there has been some progress for women in this area as well as sports, politics and accepted household roles, society still has a very long way to go in all of these areas.

  • Men still make more than women in many professions.

    It has been said that women only make around 70 cents per dollar that a man makes in a similar profession. This is the first step that needs to change on the road towards gender equality; economically, as long as statements like these continue to be true, we cannot say that gender equality has been attained.

  • No, gender quality is more than statistics

    Gender equality won't be truly achieved until people no longer even think about the differences between the sexes. That's clearly not where we are at as a society, as women are constantly being objectified and parade around in minimal amounts of clothing. I don't know if gender equality will ever be truly achieved, human nature is a very powerful force.

  • Let's be frank.The goal that was to be achieved was :gender equality" but what has been managed is "gender equity",which is a totally different issue.

    Look at the way court cases are judged for both sexes in terms of rape.A woman-raped-man case would likely be dismissed unlike the other.Women are given what they want as a sex but what should be happening is that we should simply get equal opportunities and not based on "wants".

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