Has Gender Equality Improved in football? Can it improve more?

Asked by: wardle2j
  • Gender Equality has improved, women can participate in football, but to what extent?

    Gender Equality in sport has developed obviously, in Victorian times women didn't have opportunities for sport until probably after the industrial revolution. But, to what extent? To participation? There is still an inequality within football specifically. Not just as players but as coaches, managers and also match officials.

    Then, there is also the pay difference. Women get paid considerably less than men do, yet they are doing the exact same job! Some could even say doing a better job. England Womens team in football lost in the semi finals of the world cup 2015. England Mens team in football didn't even make it past the group stages. England Womens rugby won the world cup, England Mens rugby did not.

    There are still sexist people out there, telling women to 'go back into the kitchen, where they belong'. But actually, womens football is becoming more and more successful. There is still an inequality and it can be improved, a lot.

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