Has globalization worsened international terrorism: Does globalization increase counter-terrorism cooperation?

  • Globalization does increase cooperation.

    Globalization has increased counter terrorism cooperation and has not worsened international terrorism. Globalization has helped increase the communication to and from other countries, allowing them to share information and help counter terrorism. Without globalization, terrorism would have a much easier time to cause mayhem and destruction because other countries would not be able to coordinate.

  • I agree that globalization worsened international terrorism.

    Yes, I believe globalization has worsened international terrorism. The very nature of globalization opens up economies to vast markets that were otherwise inaccessible. Therefore, this defaults to providing many more opportunities for diverse groups of people, in particular, radicalist thinkers, to still play a legitimate role in the economy. This means more access to money for terrorists. On the other hand, I also agree that globalization increases counter-terrorism cooperation because there is always good and evil. There is always black and white. When a particular group of people that was otherwise unkown on a grand scale starts to become known and a problem for the whole, they are heeded and dealt with. Therefore, the cooperation for counter-terrorism is dependant on the breadth of their terrorist opperations.

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