• Does God even exist?

    The question you should be asking yourself if he exist. Many people grew up since young to believe in him (like Santa Claus). I'm a free thinker. Back to the topic, We are all doing this by ourselves. God has nothing to do with it. When god would abandon humanity is when the Earth has no more natural resources, oxygen and overpopulated by Humans and it's already end of the world. I think we should live the life to the fullest.

  • This question can only be answered on the basis of feeling, belief and intuition

    It is my intuition that God has long since abandoned the human race. He/she/it came to Earth millions of years ago, casually dumped/tossed the seed upon the Earth that formed humanity, and then subsequently went running as fast as he/she/it could to the other side of the Universe (as far away from us as possible). If I was God, why would I want anything to do with the zit/blight/filth/scourge on this planet that is humanity?

  • He sure has

    According to all known laws
    of aviation,

    there is no way a bee
    should be able to fly.

    Its wings are too small to get
    its fat little body off the ground.

    The bee, Of course, Flies anyway

    because bees don't care
    what humans think is impossible.

    Yellow, Black. Yellow, Black.
    Yellow, Black. Yellow, Black.

    Ooh, Black and yellow!
    Let's shake it up a little.

    Barry! Breakfast is ready!


    Hang on a second.


    - Barry?
    - Adam?

    - Oan you believe this is happening?
    - I can't. I'll pick you up.

    Looking sharp.

    Use the stairs. Your father
    paid good money for those.

    Sorry. I'm excited.

    Here's the graduate.
    We're very proud of you, Son.

    A perfect report card, All B's.

    Very proud.

    Ma! I got a thing going here.

    - You got lint on your fuzz.
    - Ow! That's me!

    - Wave to us! We'll be in row 118, 000.
    - Bye!

    Barry, I told you,
    stop flying in the house!

    - Hey, Adam.
    - Hey, Barry.

    - Is that fuzz gel?
    - A little. Special day, Graduation.

    Never thought I'd make it.

    Three days grade school,
    three days high school.

    Those were awkward.

    Three days college. I'm glad I took
    a day and hitchhiked around the hive.

    You did come back different.

    - Hi, Barry.
    - Artie, Growing a mustache? Looks good.

    - Hear about Frankie?
    - Yeah.

    - You going to the funeral?
    - No, I'm not going.

    Everybody knows,
    sting someone, You die.

    Don't waste it on a squirrel.
    Such a hothead.

    I guess he could have
    just gotten out of the way.

    I love this incorporating
    an amusement park into our day.

    That's why we don't need vacations.

    Boy, Quite a bit of pomp. . .
    Under the circumstances.

    - Well, Adam, Today we are men.
    - We are!

    - Bee-men.
    - Amen!


    Students, Faculty, Distinguished bees,

    please welcome Dean Buzzwell.

    Welcome, New Hive Oity
    graduating class of. . .

    . . . 9:15.

  • *notices your bulge* owo whats this

    Daddy choke me pls fill me up make me feel good pls daddy I want you inside me when u=you explain why god is dead pls make me quiver with you insane intellect Papi i just want you inside my sweet spot pls daddy pls make me squirm all over

  • He was never a friend that was there to begin with.

    Nothing. Void. Peace at least, Known or not. No heart attacks, No teeth to remind you your own body hates you. No screaming fearful lamb with gaping wound, No ravenous sense of hunger of the wolf. Nothing sounds like a pretty nice something to me. In death, Mercy, And liberty from what would come next.

    Lights on! I'm God and I'm super powerful. Going to make some stuff. Really, Not to boast, I'm a freaking genius.

    Enter conscienciousness in man and beast. Apparently the worlds a paradise. Lions don't run down the gazelle, Sharks swim for the joy of it, They all eat something called plants which hopefully don't feel a thing or it's ruined by suffering from the very start (for them at least).

    Uhoh, Man messed up. Does God smite Adam, Back to a happy nothing and go to adam 2. 0? Nah. He curses the whole thing along with man. Lion gets a rumbly in it's tumbly and licks lips to old friend lamb. Lamb regrets its fluffiness, It'd rather have some sharp teeth, That Lion don't play and it huuuuuuuuuurts. Disease, Dying (not death, That sweet point of origin before God), Desire. What God deemed swell is now a suffering party! No Adam 2. 0 and going oh, Well, Try again without the gullibility! . Just trillions and quadrillions of little mortal hells in his wake, You know, Because God is all powerful, Loving, And so very with us all isn't he?

    Misery loves company. Maybe God pulled something similar over on his original creation children the angels/demons? Maybe that's why the serpent was kind of a prick to set us up to be tortured by the monster God? Misery loves company, And maybe the serpents pride made him think. . They think he loves them. They think they love him. That God destroys every avenue of peace he touches with his creation toy as he did me. Time they got to face the truth of things.

    So greatest tyrant, Just winds up being another victim. Welcome to life. God's a monster, He wants you to suffer, Because, Well I don't know, But he's it's DESIGNER and he built you to receive didn't he. Here's to the peace of the void, May fate never be so unkind as to introduce us to God ever again. Oh and God, Btw, I fucking hate you, But still don't wish you harm. The only prayer I have for you is one for mercy for you and every bit of your madness. Yet, Still, Piss off you monster, I'm not my better self at the thought of you. Maybe that's why he stays away? Realization that he is the violent part of the equation? That he brings the worst out? And that he, The greatest power, Has had the greatest role in the clusterfuck that is existance? Or maybe simply, He's not there, Never was, And reality is chaos has reigned since the first speck of a thing and we are just fools for expecting any matter of peace and order?

  • Of course he did.

    Look around you. What kind of creator would let things get this out of hand? Lactose intolerance, Jake Paul, The existence of the dab, Depression, Teen titans go, I could list things until the end of eternity. Why wouldn't god wipe the slate clean? Hes gotten as far away from our miserable planet as we can. Good for him, He made the right decision.

  • It is clear as day

    If god cared about us then suffering wouldn't exist. Yet it does. God sees us as a joke. We mean nothing to him. He hates all of you. He is not good. God has no reason to care about us. We are nothing but toys to him for his entertainment

  • Why Lactose Intolerance?

    Obviously God has abandoned us. He abandoned us as soon as the first person with lactose intolerance popped up. Why make cows with consumable juices if a lot of the population can't even consume it? It doesn't make sense? Here, Let's make this juice consumable, And then make people allergic to it, But let's also make it good for you.

  • I would too if my creation turned out less than what I had envisioned.

    If I come up with an idea, Draw a plan, Make and test a prototype, Then make the final product, But it malfunctions? Is it the product's fault, Or mine?
    I would try to rectify once, Twice. . . Then give up and start another one. We are that product. Right now is another Eden with perfect beings who do not disobey.

  • God is ded

    God has abandoned us because uh, He created lactose intolerance. I just want to eat some ice cream, But no. Not me. I cannot digest milk juice. Sometimes i just want a piza, But god refuses to fix the flaw of human-cow nature. Give me the melk, God! Love u mom

  • God became man and dwelt among us. He was crucified to make up for our sins.

    After doing all of this, God would not abandon humanity. He loves humans so much that he was willing to go through this for all of us. He loves us way to much in order to abandon us. Why do you think God died for us, to save us. And what compels you to write this question. What are some signs that God has abandoned us. If anything God is with us.

  • Everything comes from God, because he loves us!

    There is no such things as Good or Bad. It's only Pleasant and Unpleasant. All what happens to the humanity are lessons and should be taken as something that comes from God to teach us, so we can become wiser in the future, to walk that road from being "monkey" to "Jesus". We are not as smart as God to understand why certain events happen such as Wars and deaths of the loved ones. But, in my opinion, it all teaches us to love what we currently have and live in the moment.

  • Exists or doesn’t?

    I’m not Christian therefore I don’t believe in God. If god never existed, How could he have abandoned us? But if he does exist then I do think he has abandoned us, I just don’t think he is real so I voted for know because again if he isn’t real he can’t do anything including abandon us.

  • God has not abandoned us.

    Humanity is abandoning God. When God gave us free will, it was because He wanted us to follow Him of our own desire. You can not force love. By allowing us free will, He is allowing us to make the choice to love Him or not. Because THAT'S how much He loves us. He wants us to willingly love Him. He wants our love for Him to be pure. Destruction, violence, wars, famine, etc, we're NOT part of God's original design. That's what happens when billions of people over the course of many years follow their own free will. The destruction of society, the hate, the evil the world has become is because humanity has abandoned God. God promised never to forsake those that love Him. God keeps His promises. Who else has ever loved you so much that they allowed their only son to DIE for you? Jesus experienced suffering far greater than we do. When He died on the cross He carried the weight of the world on His shoulders. He was accepting the punishment for all of humanities sins. That we could be forgiven. God allows us to go through trials and tribulations to bring us closer to Him. Just like gold has to go through a smelting process to elimate impurities, God allows us to go through hardships in order for us to reach out to Him. When we reach out to Him, He's there . Because He IS there, we grow stronger in our faith, we become more pure in our love for Him. When we do reach out to Him, He is always with us.

  • The silly guy

    The silly guy does a very good dab, like oh my lord without that dab half of hummanaty would be extinct like oh my lord without the silly guy the wrold would be a much much much worse place then it is now, like the war thats happpening in the east would not happen and everything would be a-ok

  • We still exist

    I thought about this a lot lately. If you look around you, all the misery and suffering, the apparent pointless existence of every individual, you would tend to believe God has abandoned us. However, much of the destruction in this world is caused by ourselves. So the fact that God didn't wipe us out yet, as we would truly deserve (at least the majority of us), is a proof that He still cares. We should learn not to hate and abuse each other first of all. It is not God's fault we act as we do.

  • If god has abandoned us, humanity would be out of control.

    Why would God abandoned us in the first place? Yes humans have ruined the world which he made but if he didn't like if he could have gotten rid of every thing and start fresh. What about all the happy things in life, sure enough if God abandoned us the Lucifer would take control and more then likely enslave us. Plus think about all the unexplained things.

  • Humanity is abandoning the idea God

    There are many gods and goddesses around the world, and many have lost their place for cult in the present society's. The gods keep on dying, and God is no better then the others.
    As for the question, "Has God abandoned humanity?", I say no, because He was never here.

  • It's the other way around

    We were given the choice to follow God's will or follow our own will in pursuit of joy and purpose outside God. Like navigating through a forest at night without a light or map, we chose to follow our own will. We essentially said that we don't trust in God's will. We make horrible selfish decisions all in pursuit of what we think will make our own lives better. Then once we think we have found it, we wake up the next day unsatisfied and do it all over again and again for the rest of our lives never obtaining fulfillment leaving pain and suffering in our wake. Now take that example and multiply it by almost 7 billion people plus the remnants left behind by those who have lived on the earth and now are dead. Now you have arrived at the state of the world as you know it. God never promised a painless life of ecstacy to those who do not seek, love, and trust Him above all else. The abandonment we collectively feel from God is due to our decision to do the abandoning, not His.

  • No, Humanity has abandoned God

    We have let our trash culture, and poor way of life fulfil our own human ignorance, and we have completely lost our mere purpose for life.

    Yes, There is something beyond us. Atheists can't accept that. Anyone who believes that we and the universe are the results of random chaos and uncoordinated events is highly ignorant, unintelligent and doesn't understand the chaos theory. Chaos does not produce order. It's like throwing a bowl of soup up into the air, and a horse landing back onto the ground. It's simply not possible. The fine tuning of the universe is even more complex.

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steffon66 says2015-08-25T16:45:24.257
What makes you think he was ever here for us? He put the fate of the world in the hands of two people and we all have to suffer for the sins of two people. He created hell and only puts people who dont believe in it instead of criminals. He forgives anyone who believes and never punishes them. I could go on but i dont know how any of it suggests that he was ever here for us. He lets us all suffer for the sins of our parents. "for i the lord god am a jealous god punishing the children for the sins of the parents to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me. He allows people and animals to be bought and sold as property and says we have the right to do this. He created our nerves and brains in a way that would make us suffer greatly and then didnt teach us right from wrong making all evil thats done in the name of righteousness his fault. They say god works in mysterious ways. I think people are more mysterious than god in ways as after all this we still believe that he loves us. Now that is mysterious.