• Very much so.

    The subs grid is gone, the constant emails of your favorite channels going to spam (to be out of the way) is gone, the user-friendly element is gone, and all we got in return is 3d, 360 degree video, and a fancy player is all we got back. We need now broken extensions to make youtube what it was before then. Google screwed everything up.

  • Yes, it is not user friendly.

    Yes, Google has really ruined YouTube, because they have taken it in the wrong direction in order to maximize profits. I recently uploaded my church's production of Handel's Messiah, a work that is no doubt in the public works, since it was written before this country even had copyright laws. No less than 44 sham companies tried to claim they owned the content. Google has allowed this to happen because they want money.

  • Tragic end to a beautiful love song

    Google knew what they were doing when they purchased YouTube, When Google+ began to wither away into nothingness, Google seen their social network Google+ disintegrating into dust, being swept away into the social media graveyard right next to MySpace. To save their dear Social Site they are purposely pressuring all YouTube users to sign up for Google+ without any free will to not. It's very evident that making people use Google+ to comment on YouTube would be making them "use" Google+, thus adding more users to Google+ and Google being that popular go-to website in order to use YouTube. They knew exactly what they were doing, this was a last ditch effort to save Google+ before it dies out. The once beautiful love song of YouTube now a tragic end.

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