• Yes, the world's newest Go master is Google's AlphaGo AI.

    Although Go is played by over 40 million people around the world, computers have been unable to master the game because of its complexity. However, Google's AlphaGo artificial intelligence program has defeated Lee Sedol, who is one of the world's most accomplished Go masters. This surprising turn of events has proved that the computing power of Google's AlphaGo AI has overcome the game's complexity. In addition, it is likely that Google's AlphaGo AI will remain a top Go contender because the program will only improve over time.

  • Yes, Google's AlphaGo AI is the new Go master.

    By beating legendary South Korean Go player Lee Sedol in 4 out of 5 games, Google's AlphaGo AI proved beyond a doubt that it is the world's newest Go master. While computers conquered chess long ago, Go is more complex, and Google's strong showing proves its go-playing bot can hang with the best in the world.

  • No Google's AlphaGo AI hasnt become the New Go Master

    Lee Se-dol, one of the world's top Go players, won just one of the matches against the AlphaGo program, missing out on the $1m prize up for grabs.Still I don't think the program has taken over as the New Go Master. Lee had more studying to do, and also needs to get more ideas about the game Go. He will definitely be able to win over AlphaGo AI

  • No, AlphaGo will never be a Go master.

    No, ALpha Go can never be a Go master because it is little more than a collection of algorithms. Lee Sedol recently proved that these algorithms can be beat by a human who is capable of thinking outside these parameters. Futhermore, games are for those capable of enjoying them. What is the point of having a machine, which cannot feel joy, play a game?

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