• Yes, They have failed

    Jamaica's population voted on whether if they want British Rule again or not, 60% of the vote said yes, only 17% said they would be better off without British Rule. This shows that on the majority the people see Jamaica as unstable. The 'shaky' Justice system, and large amounts of violent crime show that they have failed.

  • Crime is astronomically high.

    Without even knowing much about the nation of Jamaica, all one has to do is a simple Google search to find the answer. The government of Jamaica has failed its people. With astronomically high murder and rape rates, wealth inequality that is among the worst in the world, and tourist money being hoarded by the rich, Jamaica has a lot of issues that aren't being addressed properly.

  • How could they not?

    Without a strong foundation, how could they not? The only aspect of Jamaica that seems promising are the vacation resorts that people with money go to visit, but they do not see the poverty that lies within. Jamaica needs a stronger government to help its people but when they are a part of a country that only views them as a tourist spot, they won't get the help they so desperately need.

  • Yes, the Government of Jamaica has Failed.

    The government of Jamaica has failed because it is lacks capacity, which is the ability to get things done. Jamaica is not a state that holds a strong voice in global politics or appears to have any place when it comes to world order at large. Additionally, Jamaica appears to be primarily a tourist attraction, catering to the wealthy citizens of other countries, while it may not cater as well to its own citizens.

  • Yes, They Have Failed

    Tourists to Jamaica see a different country than what the people who live there do. On one hand, the country is a lush resort for wealthy people. Many Jamaicans, though, live in poverty, and a lot of the urban centers are flooded with violent crime. The government needs to do more to protect its people.

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