• Flint crisis has Snyder to blame

    The Flint crisis has reached its peak with more and more reports of the extent of the damage to the city's water supply. Lead poisoning from contaminated water has hit an all-time high - but what's the real source of this problem? I think it rests with Michigan Governor Snyder, who has been cagey about how quickly he will get this problem taken care of.

  • I think he knew more than he let on for years

    It is now being investigated if the Governor knew more about the situation. I think that odds are he did, after all this went on for years and we are suppose to buy that he had no idea what was going on with the water supply all that time. I don't blame the people of Flint for wanting answers along with investigations in to this matter, they deserve answers.

  • Yes, all indications point to his involvment in the Flint water scandal

    Yes, when someone like Michael Moore singles you out as a culprit in the middle of a major scandal such as the one involving Flint, Michigan and its water supply, there will very likely be something fishy about you. Main stream media has reported less than half the facts that have been unearthed by Moore and other Flint residents.

  • I don't think any wrongdoing is going on with Flint. Just igorance of the situation.

    I think its possible that people didn't know anything about the old lead pipes in Flint . They started using them without realizing they could be hazardous for the population. Its possible that he might be neglectful for not finding out whether or not the pipes were safe to use. Its possible that he might be found neglectful for not updating the water infrastructure in the town.

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