• Can there be any doubt?

    I would like to hear from liberals on this one. It seems, to me, that his behavior borders on lunacy. Recently he has stated that no one is being harmed by Obamacare. That all the stories were made up. He has made many other statements of a similar nature. Are there any liberals out there that still think he's doing a good job?

  • How about we start with something not overtly fallacious?

    We call this the standard appeal to spite. Rather than saying, Harry Reid is doing X, and I think he is wrong because of Y ... We are instead saying, "Heh, anyone who is like that is a Moron!" Well, you tell me who the moron is? The person who believes that a man sitting in a high level leadership position, atop a massive political apparatus and infrastructure, including think tanks, party mechanism, local grass roots efforts, research initiatives, etc. if there because NO ONE could possibly find anything he is doing plausible?

    Or is the moron the one who thinks that leadership roles at that level are easy to get to? The result of stupidity?

    It such a 'criticism' accurate for John Boehner? Is anyone who supports him ALSO a complete moron?

    Or are those who make these kinds of tactics essentially just mindless drones in a partisan hack job? Mindlessly FOLLOWING their leader in that clash, and any pretense of of reasoning be the driving force behind policy initiative soundly buried beneath the clear appeal to fallacious band wagon? As in, "You don't want to be a moron right? Join me!"

    Well, I for one think I am not a moron precisely because I find such antics to be highly distasteful. I will also say that I have had the pleasure of meeting representatives form both sides of the aisle, and, in private, regardless of party affiliation, the vast majority of them are trying desperately to do the right thing.

    Our hyper partisan system, with special interest groups blobbed up with money, mean that they have to be different in public than they way they need to be to govern (at least while people are watching). Rob Gates hit that one on the head, the most destructive thing to reasoning on the Capitol is a TV camera ... A camera pandering to the mob rather than solid reasoning.

  • No. Harry Reid is doing everything in his power to get legislation passed . . .

    No. Harry Reid is doing everything in his power to get legislation passed. Time and time again he's tried to work with Republicans and the House of Representatives led by John Boehner. But again and again Republicans particularly in the House have stifled any attempt at congressional unity and bipartisanship! He's tried to work with Republicans at passing stiffer gun control laws - after the experience of Newtown and the Colorado theater exprience. Nothing extreme but Republicans wouldn't have it He's tried to work with Republicans at passing comprehensive immigration reform - a very compromised bill in S744. But John Boehner refused to introduce the bill in the House and promised he would bring up his own version of immigration reform. It's never happened, primarily because his House Republicans don't want to listen to him and compromise with the other party! To show how bad it is, Harry Reid has to to maneuver to protect the Affordable Care Act from being repealed . . . And I'm absolutely positive it's brought a sigh of relief to the President to know he has Harry Reid in the U.S. Senate.

    The House Republicans have consistently worked to undermine the President's agenda, Harry Reid's political compromises and the nation's capacity to function. The House shut down the government for a few weeks last year to protest to the President's fiscal policies; it had to reopen it up because they saw how bad it was killing them in the polls . . . And we almost got to this point again, except John Boenher capitulated a few days before the last deadline because he realized (1) his own party wasn't going to work with him anyway, so he counted on Democratic votes to pass a fiscal budget this year and (2) his party was going to take a massive beating at the 2014 polls if he didn't pass a fiscal budget in time!

    After everything Harry Reid has faced these last four years I have to admit he's been doing a stellar job!

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