• Yes, health insurance has become very complex.

    Yes, health insurance has become confusing to the average person. There are many options and different types of plans available, and many people simply have never had insurance explained to them in an easy-to-understand way. Deductibles, copays, and out-of-pocket maximums can vary greatly among plans, and it can be difficult to navigate all the different options.

  • There are too many steps in the proces

    With deductibles, annual maximums, annual minimums, lifetime maximums, coinsurance, copay and separate programs for dental, medical, vision and life, is it any wonder people don't understand the true cost and coverage they are purchasing? Insurance should be require long meetings with third party experts to understand coverage programs or require coordinators at health care facilities to understand if a patient has the appropriate coverage. Make it simple and help folks stay healthy and financially stable.

  • So many different coverages and terms to figure out

    All insurance cover different things, and the costs associated can vary greatly. It is hard to understand a lot of the terms associated with health insurance as well. Some policies have deductibles and co-payments required before the insurance company will cover any expenses, and there are a variety of factors that contribute to whether or not services will be covered. It is very complex, and can be extremely hard for an average person to figure out on their own.

  • No, health insurance has not become too confusing.

    I feel that health insurance is just like anything else one plans to purchase. It requires proper research. If that feels confusing to some, so be it but it is important to put in the proper amount of work before a decision is made. I believe there is ample assistance available for anyone who feels confused and that assistance should be utilized if necessary.

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