• It's sad. It makes me sad.

    Opportunities for fantastic and original ideas are being stifled in exchange for dollar signs. Movie theatres are flooded with sequels, reboots, remakes, "re-imaginings," and sure, some of it can be pretty good. And it's not like original movies aren't being made. Whiplash sure was great, wasn't it? But movies like Whiplash do not make more money than an Iron Man movie. Transformers 4 was the highest grossing film of 2014, and it is so beyond terrible it makes me nauseous. But film studios don't care. "It made that much money? Well make another one! Make a whole damn connected universe, just like those guys at Marvel are doing!" And then again, and again, and again. It's obscene the amount of regurgitated ideas that infest the film industry. I want to see a shift, where franchises bust and original films garner more attention and respect from all audiences. Even if they're not very good, they're original. That's good. Sequels have there place, but somewhere along the line Hollywood lost all sense of art.

  • All you have to do is take a look at what movies are making headlines now a days.

    When you see that no longer is it just super hero franchises that are getting headlines, but also unnecessary reboots and sequels like Jurassic World, Indiana Jones, Independence Day 2, and heck even Frozen 2 (confirmed already) then it doesn't take long to realize that yes, they've lost all originality.

  • Without A Doubt

    Every big-time film is based on a idea from either a Comic, Book, sequel, prequel, or remake......... Remember OG movies like Alien-Aliens, Tremors, Gremlins, Fist-Full-of-Dollars, Fight-Club, Star-Wars, The-Matrix, Jaws, Princess-Mononoke, Little-Women, A-Little-Princess, The-Princess-Bride, Casablanca, Ocean's-Eleven, Memento, Big-Daddy, Blow, The-Count-of-Monte-Cristo, Critters, Dr-No, Friday, Half-Baked, Juice, The-Last-Unicorn, Misery, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, StarShip-Troopers........ Miss those-Movies

  • Everything Seems to Be the Same Now

    Back in the day, people use to have so many ideas for movies and there was always a shock when a new movie came out. There were hardly any comments made about seeing one thing from one movie in another movie. Nowadays, all the story lines seem the same so what they're doing now is using good-looking actors and actresses instead of good actors and actresses whom know how to own a stage.

  • No New Ideas

    Hollywood used to be driven by ideas, not profits. Those days are long since gone. Studio executives care about making a quick buck more than they care about making something good or original. While some original works are still out there and there are still some good movies, very few movies can be said to be original and good anymore.

  • Socialism at work

    As Hollywood becomes more and more socialist, its choices in movie production have done the same. Not since The Matrix has there been a REAL original movie. And that movie was made in a previous century.
    Technology also seems to be taking the place of originality as well. As soon as 3-D came out, Hollywood decided to just re-make every movie they could with that technology.

  • Remakes, sequels my oh my

    It's mainly down to the simple issue that original films are rare and only tend to make an appearance if they involve some big name...But even then we're seeing a steady decline in originality while Hollywood focuses on a 'core' audience, mainly teenagers. While this means that other countries may get an opportunity it does mean that the films are getting more and more costly and so investment gets less and less inclined to accepting risk.

  • Hollywood aims for guaranteed revenue through sequels and adaptions, no longer for audience entertainment, but profits.

    It is not that Hollywood has become unoriginal, its that they want guaranteed profits and the only way to do this is through targeting pre-existing audience through remakes, sequels and adaptations. With Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 2) generating over $1 billion, why would anyone bother make an original film?

  • The Originality Is Gone

    For the most part, the originality in Hollywood movies is gone. It has been like this for a while. Remakes, sequels and spin-offs rule Hollywood now. It really is a shame. Even movies that do not fall under those categories are mostly super hero movies that seems to be coming out even more often now.

  • There are no original ideas.

    I have not seen a movie with an original idea in more than 10 years. Every idea seems to be playing off of other ideas. It's quite possible that we have simply run out of completely original and fantastic new movie ideas. Even Tim Burton seems to be getting a little worn out on the originality.

  • 100s of films a year, most are original

    Brands, Sequels, Remakes, Franchises, Trilogies, and Cinematic Universals from big budget, CGI infused, films do make more money, however there are hundreds of original films per year, but no one goes to see them. The attempts that have been made I.E. (Jupiter Ascending, Gods of Egypt, Jack the Giant Slayer, White House Down, John Carter, Rise of the Guardians, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Cowboys & Aliens...) (all good movies in my opinion) have outright bombed or underpreformed. Even great remakes and sequels can flop or underpreform I.E. (The Mummy (2017) (Amazing in my opinion, Tron: Legacy, Oz the Great and Powerful, The Huntsman: Winter's War, and so on...), Adventure and Animation take up over 90% of films that are blockbusters (over $400 million).

  • There's more originality than ever.

    You claim that the only movies there are are remakes and sequels. But that isn't true, there are more original films than sequels or remakes. You just pay more attention to the sequels and remakes because those are brands that you recognize. Hollywood knows that you recognize them and as a result become more likely to make more money. And in reality there really isn't anything wrong with that. Just because something is getting a sequel or remake, it still has the full potential to be good.

  • Such a tired argument.

    No movie is EVER fully original, they tell the same themes and such. Storytelling has been doing that for hundreds of years. The execution is the chance to be different. Hollywood is such a silly blanket term applied to North American movies, there are 50,000 movies made a year. LOOK FOR THEM. Of course more "mainstream" movies are seen, it's because they make the money.

    Also has there EVER been a time where people thought "Hollywood" was making the best movies all of the time? There was and always will be TERRIBLE movies, we won't remember those ones. Looking back 20 years from now, we'll see the golden flicks, not the unoriginal stuff. Stop worrying so much about it.

  • It's where it's been

    Romantic comedies are always going be absurdly cheesy, stoner movies are always going to be predictable and stupid, super hero movies are always going to be an explosion fest. They are what they are. That doesn't mean Hollywood never produces anything thought provoking or original, it merely means the most popular genres mandate that it doesn't within them.

  • Change is slow.

    Hollywood movies reflect the American culture in a given time. True the times seem to change only in circles, back and forth from one generation to the next seemingly repeating the old. However there are minute differences. When the old gets repeated it gets repeated with a twist that observing from afar will only become obvious after several generations, not one or two. When looking at movies up close however, every movie is always different.

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