Has Human History Been A Battle Between Superstition and Intelligence?

Asked by: Sagey
  • A bit simplistic but yes

    This is not to define all religious beliefs as superstition or junk science as intelligence, There are rational reasons for believing in a higher power or a need for a religious code of morals. But to blindly follow old myths has of course held mankind back, Nothing ever should be accepted without scrutiny

  • It still is

    Our need to understand the world around us forces our brains to come up with answers to reconcile for the lack of knowledge.

    In our first days, when the thunder would shake our ancestors, or the wind would blow, or the hail would rain down, they needed answers.

    Superstition in place of science gave them answers, albeit incorrect ones, but answers none the less. Now as science pulls back the veil and illuminates all the places we once thought mystic, we have a conflict of interest, and a schism within ourselves.

    Do we cling to our understanding of ghosts, luck, magic, and everything mystical? Or do we embrace the knowledge that comes with exploring, testing, and understanding?

    At the end of the day, it falls upon the individual to decide if they want to fill in the blanks with their imagination, or assemble the clues to find out what word is supposed to be in place.

  • Yes, that is why I don't step on cracks to avoid breaking my mama's back.

    Of course.. Look at all the religions for once. Back in my day, men would always pray before heading out to war. That superstition can not be proven to work, but people do it anyways. What left the men to live was their will to survive, using their brains to avoid being wiped off the face of the earth. The praying was simply to build up spirit to jumpstart the intelligence, but I doubt the men knew that.

  • One View Of History Is That Since We Parted Company With Our Ape Cousins, Humanity Has Seen A Constant Conflict Between Superstition And Intelligence:

    From the ancient Greek philosophers such as Socrates, Plato to Modern times there has always been a sideline conflict between belief in the supernatural and fate, verses a Rational, empirical, evidence based view of reality. Even Plato and Aristotle had their differences where Plato was leaning more to spirituality and Aristotle was more evidence, scientific minded and they thus had conflicts.
    Though the bright side of this that in the last 50 years, Intelligence (Rational, Critical Thinking) appears for the first time in Human history to be winning the race.
    Though we are all bracing for Superstition to fight back violently and arrogantly against Intelligence.

    Such recent fight back attempts by Superstition is attempts around the world to institute policies that criminalize those who publish and make public comments that criticize and deride religions.
    Some countries are considering returning to the bad old Superstitions Rule Days where Blasphemy was a criminal offense, often punishable by death.
    In fact, some Islamic nations still practice these laws.
    Though many religious leaders wish to implement these dark age laws.

    Hopefully Intelligence will keep up the fight and eventually defeat Superstition.

  • No that's an ignorant thing to say

    I'm assuming this is saying that intelligence and religion have always been in conflict. Religion isn't anti-intellectualism. Actually a lot of religious people gave us great intellectual advances in Renaissance. A lot of people who believed in a God like Plato and Kant have given us wonderful works of writing. Separating religion from intellectualism is ignorant of history.

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