• If the environment stays the same...

    Humans have conquered the world through advanced weapons and technology. We no longer have to have adaptations that allow some members of the population to survive. With these advancements made, humankind no longer needs new adaptations to survive. They are basically no threats to us anymore, and as long as our environment stays almost the same, evolution will not occur, as it does not have to.

  • Why would we stop evolving?

    I believe that our children will be a new species. I think that it would be wrong to say that humans will not continue evolving. Humans are always evolving, whether we can see it or not. If you look at a picture of a human from 1,000 years ago, you would see that they look very different from the way humans look now. Evolution takes a very long time, and it will probably be a many years before we can actually see changes in the way humans look and act.

  • Humankind has not stopped evolving.

    Humankind has not stopped evolving. Humankind will always evolve and get more and more sophisticated. Technology has done nothing but advance and we would be lost without it. I think with more technology, humankind can evolve even more. Humans always have that instinct to learn and that will never go away.

  • Evolution doesn't stop

    Evolution doesn't stop over the long term for any species - even humans, really. Evolution will obviously not be easily perceived and measured over a short term period of time, but over the long term, it works. Evolution also doesn't work linearly - even if changes wouldn't be advantageous in nature, they may be beneficial in modern society.

  • Humankind will never stop evolving.

    Humankind will never stop evolving. Humans will always evolve with time and continue to increase their knowledge and come up with new and creative ideas. Thinking that humans have stopped evolving seems silly to me. You as a human never stop growing both physically and emotionally. Humans will always evolve.

  • No, we are still progressing.

    If you think about where we were about 50 years ago in terms of things like civil rights and racism as well as gay rights and addressing all types of oppression, then it is evident that we have been evolving. And at this point, though it is slow, we are still more aware as a species than we ever have been.

  • No, humankind is still evolving.

    Humankind is going to be evolving for eternity. We are slowly evolving into what we will become tomorrow. There is no way around that. We will not be exactly the same tomorrow, and further down the road. This is why we are in a constant state of evolving species in life.

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