• Internet Has Made Islands Out of Man

    Before the advent of the internet, humanity was filled with more curiosity towards the world. We were also a more social people due to being more physically present with each other. Group activities and further developing social skills helped to foster camaraderie among people and stronger communities. Now with the internet, there is not such a drive to see someone when you could instant message or webcam chat with them. It has effectively isolated us as a species.

  • The internet has allowed people to be more curious and broaden their horizons.

    When online, people can be more free to satisfy their curiosities within a very short period of time, oftentimes in mere seconds. No more traveling to a library or bookstore to see and learn new things. With multimedia, the experience is even more in-depth. Social media has allowed people to readily make connections with others and to build new friendships that often have more contact time than real-world counterparts.

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